Summarize the Madness

Holy moly. So. Much. Going. On!

I missed the boat on Wash Up Wednesday this week. You will have to accept my sincerest apologies. If you need to check out some cleaning videos, there's always my You Tube channel. And by the looks of the numbers, you have NOT watched all of them yet. Shame on you.

I did want to take this time to talk about parties. Yes, you know what I mean. The good old "you host a shindig at your place and I come gab to your friends about the amazeballs products that Shaklee has to offer" kind of party. Now, Shaklee parties are a bit different. There aren't built in host deals. There aren't monthly customer specials. Shaklee has so much to offer that it takes a bit of a conversation to really understand what amazing things the company has to offer. Besides, it would take me HOURS if not DAYS to cover everything they have and let's face it, no one has that much time to spare.

But, guess what? I love you guys. I love Shaklee. I am creating my own host packages for two kinds of parties. If you have read any of my "have a party" jibber jabber prior to this, consider it null and void. This is my final answer in a much more complete format for all of our sanity! I know I throw so much at you so this will be the party format for the remainder of 2013! I appreciate your patience with my indecisive brain. This stuff just gets me so dang excited!

**Applause and Drumroll**

If you want to host a "Get Clean" party...

  • You will receive: a sample of Basic H (which makes two 16oz bottles of cleaner) and a Dish Soap. 
  • Any guest at your party who orders the Get Clean Starter kit, will receive a FREE Scour Off. 
  • If you have TWO people order Get Clean Starter kits, you will also receive a FREE Scour off in addition to your host goodies. 

The Get Clean party will consist of me going over all of the cleaning products AND I'll clean some things in your home to demonstrate. Um, you really can't lose my friends. I will clean your stuff!

If you want to host a Shaklee 180 Taste Test Party...

  • You will receive: a Shaklee 180 Shake sample and a bag of Snack Crisps
  • Any guest who orders a Lean and Healthy or Turnaround kit will receive a free membership to Shaklee a ($19.95 value) and free access to our private Facebook support group.
  • If you have TWO people order either kit, you will also receive a box of assorted snack bars in addition to your host goodies.

The Shaklee 180 Taste Test party will consist of sampling the various Shaklee 180 products and discussing the benefits of purchasing a kit. Anyone who orders a kit will have exclusive access to our Facebook support group. There are nine people in one now. I think they'd tell you it's awesome and they'd welcome you with open arms.

Now, I know everyone's time is valuable so contact me today to get on the calendar! Email me at!