My House Is Dirty!!

What's it about having a house full of people for a weekend that makes your whole week off?? I love that we had a house full for my son's first birthday party last Saturday but I feel like I am still recovering from it!! Now of course I cleaned everything before we had company and since then I have managed to vacuum and do a round of laundry, but man my kitchen is just YUCKY! I think it comes down to my sick need for routine. Once the routine is off, just throw in the towel. Game. Over. Anyway, I know it will slowly get back in place and life will normalize again. In a week or two. :-)

Now! Drumroll please!!  This week Basic H was featured over on The Happy Healthy Truth's blog about cleaning your fruits and veggies! Go over and check it out or visit her on Facebook at  It's good, clean fun! Haha... 

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