Kitchen Klutz

If you know me at all, you know that I really dislike being in the kitchen. It is by far my least favorite household duty. From the cooking to the cleaning up, ish and yuck. Not my favorite. I not only dislike it, but I am a major klutz when it comes to being successful. If I master something, you better be prepared to consume it every week because I will make it all the time. If something turns out mediocre or I missed a step, don't even try to say "It's ok" because I have already determined there is no way I am attempting it again. It's wonderful or the garbage can in my mind!

So here we are with pictures of a recent disaster. I won't even tell you what I was trying to do. The point is... with some elbow grease, my Shaklee products cleaned it up and made my glass top stove look like new!! 

Man, just looking at the 'before' part again, you really would have to start to think I did this on purpose. Cross my heart, I am that clumsy.

To tackle this mess I turned to the Basic H degreaser formula along with my beloved Scour Off. I had to let the stove top cool before attempting to clean so it had dried on a bit. It just took a little scrubbing and it all slowly came off and looked like new. Thank goodness!! Plus there are no fumes when using these products so I know I can clean safely and when that stove heats up again, nothing toxic is going into the air.

Here are some more of my before and after photos from the power of Scour Off! The first one is my dishwasher. Yikes. I can't even believe I let it get that dirty The middle is my stainless steel kitchen sink. Coffee lover problems right there. And the last picture is of a 30 year old doll that my son started playing with again. All of these items were cleaned with Scour Off and I hear stories about it's natural power almost daily! So nice to have such a powerful cleaner WITHOUT harm fumes or toxic chemicals!! 

And when you think about it, our homes should be the safest place in the world. But in reality, it might not be due to the products we purchase. 

Shaklee products are not only effective but they are SAFE to use! 

You can swap out your entire cleaning line for as little as $99! Purchasing a Get Clean starter kit also gets you a FREE lifetime membership to Shaklee (a $19.95 value). Being a member means you get the member price going forward, insight to special offers, and products shipped directly to you! There are never minimums to purchase to keep your membership. If you are considering a change in your home, the fragrance free Get Clean Starter kit is where I'd recommend. Plus, it gets rid of those unsightly kitchen goofs too. 

Our awesome team! Changing lives for the better and making tomorrow amazing for others! 

Our awesome team! Changing lives for the better and making tomorrow amazing for others!