One of Two

As most of you know I have had two "mark my words" moments this year. One, was stumbling across these amazing Shaklee bloggers/Pinteresters and wanting to become a Pinterest sensation myself. Two, was to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. In my head the latter goal was to be an officially timed race (which it still will be) BUT I did achieve a knock out, amazing performance the other night so I am silently counting that as complete. 1185183_524989104242850_605187817_n

I thought my Nike app was broken when it kept updating me every five minutes. I started at a nine-something minute mile but when I hit the 15 minute update it told me I was around an eight-something mile. Um, say what? That's like, never happened and then it kept getting faster... I think it was an out of body experience, but I am taking it like it was gold! I also believe Shaklee helped me achieve this but more on that later.

My next "mark my words" moment needs to happen by the end of the year. Got it? I think I'm on my way. If you are reading this, oh yeah, I'm on my way.

Have a great day!