The Numbers Are In...

Wow! I cannot believe how FAST September went. It was amazing to say the least and I am having SO MUCH FUN with the Shaklee 180 group members. After 30 days on the program here are some results: Person one: down 10 lbs Person two: down 10 lbs and 8 inches Person three: down 11 lbs and 6 inches Person four: down 7 inches

Now, not everyone reported an update (because it's not required!) and I'm not posting names because I'm keeping things confidential within the group. The results people are accomplishing are amazing AND everyone is realizing that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet! In order for this program to work, you need to change the way you view food and exercise. Plus, once you are done with Shaklee (yes you can go OFF the product if you choose and stay fit!) I refer you to The Happy Healthy Truth. Well, you should follow her now anyway. Go. Follow. I'll wait.

Ok, welcome back. Did you go subscribe? Just do it. Shaklee's program gives you the jumpstart you need to get the pounds off and gain some muscle. I understand if you have a tough time committing to a program or following a "shake" plan. I get it. Trust me. I fought the concept of Shaklee 180 for a year even though I was already taking the Vitalizer and having the shakes for convenience. I finally gave in and put this plan into action and WOW I am so amazed at my energy and results that I can't wait for the next 60 days with my group.

When the group originated, we were going to roll out a new one every first of the month. However, I don't want you to wait! We added a new member towards the end of September and even though she is starting her journey, we are all here to support her. You can sign up at any time. Stay for a minimum of 90 days (or longer! I'll be there for you!) and watch yourself be transformed. You really have nothing to lose because all of Shaklee's products have a 30 day money back guarantee! 2b691-pws_shaklee180mag

If you are interested in the slightest, email me! Let's talk. I will tell you about my resistance to the program, why I gave in, and why I LOVE it! I can't wait to hear from you!