Guest Post: Shaklee 180: Emily's Story

Guest post I know I can ramble on forever about why I love the Shaklee 180 program. I wanted to share a current member's perspective of the program. I think Emily hits it home with our Facebook group. This group is keeping it alive!

Meet Emily! emily

Hi!! My name is Emily Norton. I am a wife to Bob and mother to our 9 month old daughter Abigail. I am a Special Education teacher by day and wife and mother with every other second I have. I want to live a better life for myself but mostly to lead by example and be around for every precious moment for my family. Life is already short so I don’t need to make it any shorter.

I’m going to be real blunt; I have always struggled with weight. Right before I got married and pre-baby time I was at the healthiest weight I had been in a long time!! I was more in shape and making healthier choices than when I was in middle/high school...oh and college...ugh!

I eat healthy and exercise but the scale and size of my clothes stays the same. For example, pre-pregnancy, I went in for a physical and they thought I should see a dietician to see if we could figure out something with my weight. I was asked to bring in a list of the meals/foods I typically eat and how often I exercise. No lie, I walked in the room, gave the dietician my list and she said and I QUOTE… "This is seriously what you eat and how you exercise??”. She goes, "I don’t even know what to tell you to do differently. You are doing everything right." And what I heard are doing everything right so everything will always be as it is now. SUPER frustrating!! Yes, ideally, I would love to drop 2 sizes and be more toned but I knew I needed to do something different. So after baby and months going by, I still wasn’t seeing the magical “if you breastfeed, the pounds just melt off” phenomena occur! My body didn’t work like that. I had plateaued.

So first, I joined Jina Schaefer’s “Get Light” program...AMAZING!! I just needed something very scheduled and laid out to start making a big change again. Those 8 weeks flew by and I wanted to keep going! It was conveniently right around the time Tracy was offering The Shaklee 180 Challenge group! I joined Shaklee to continue my success! and things have been going great! I am down 11lbs, fitting into clothes better and my confidence about how I look in clothes has improved dramatically! My daughter is my biggest reason "why" I want to continue on this journey any my husband is my biggest supporter. We even started working out together!

The easiest part Tracy's Shaklee Facebook Group is that people are ALWAYS there encouraging you, giving you new ideas and its a place to vent and share successes! Everyone is so welcoming! You are not alone in the journey to live a healthier life! This group has mostly changed my view on exercise and has maintained and enhanced my view on food. I had learned a lot about food and myself in the last couple years so Shaklee gave me the opportunity to use what I already knew and increase my successes. How we move our body and what we put in our body is SO important. Shaklee is a natural way to be healthy!

I would encourage others who strive to live a healthier life to give the Shaklee 180 program a try and wait for those results! The results are what keep you going! (at least it does for me anyway). It is a great team of support. Its kind of like that friend that meets you at the gym but without having to coordinate anything because everyone is right on Facebook. Accountability is key to success.

The biggest lesson I have learned about weight loss from this journey, is exactly that--it is a journey NOT a race! Slow and steady despite getting off the track and eating an Oreo, or indulging in a few cocktails, or encountering frustrations...your journey isn’t over! **My big “ah ha”** I believe as society we want everything and we want it now!! If it was easy everyone would do it (meal planning, eating more nutritiously, exercising at 5am) and no one would be overweight or unhealthy. Everyone has a different goal which means different results on a different timeline. By being a part of Shaklee 180 I am making healthier choices and being conscious of those choices and decisions every day!

Thanks Emily!! Anyone have questions about our group? Shoot me an email! I'd love to chat about it with you! Have a great day! Tracy