Quick Clean!

Photo Jan 07, 4 35 35 PM I give props to those people who do all of their grocery shopping on Sunday and then spend the day cleaning and prepping their food. I try to be that person but life happens more often than not and it doesn't get done. I have a really bad habit of buying produce, not cleaning it right away, and then letting it sit. If I don't take care of it right away, chances are it's going to end up in the garbage. That's not good for the pocketbook or for the lack of produce we will intake the next week. What's even more sad is that I have the convenience of having Basic H available all over my house and I still can't seem to be on top of this task. Can I get a "Boo!! Hiss!!"?

Here is a step by step article on washing your produce with the Basic H. It's super easy. Super. Easy. But I'm still that lazy sometimes. This laziness is not good! I usually wait until the very last minute to give my son a snack so it's always a matter of me scrambling around to try and find something for him. He has a new found love for apples but he wants to be a big boy and eat a whole uncut apple by himself. I typically peel the apple for him but I still like to wash them first in case I miss a peeling. It was a week where I didn't clean the apples and I didn't want to fill my sink up for one apple so I had a bit of an Aha! moment... Why not take the spray bottle of Basic H, spray my little apple down, and dry it off with a dish towel?? Well, I did that and my little apple just sparkled! That waxy feeling that apples have was gone and I still peeled it for my boy to enjoy.

Morale of the story? If you have a bout of laziness you can always quick clean your fruit and veggies with your spray bottle of Basic H.