This Was It!

I thought today was going to be the day. I thought I would lose my marbles today. Somehow. Somewhere. I pulled it back together. Now, I have thought about this post all day. I had one half written but it was just a bitch session. It was titled, "MAXED OUT!" and I even had a graphic all ready for you so you KNEW I meant business. I think I wanted you to pity me. I mean, you still can, but that's not the point. ;) I am not one to say "I'm too busy" because let's be honest, I waste A TON of freaking time every day. However, today I felt the boiling point hit. My mini unpublished post helped me cool down and eventually the day went on. I mean, I did make this graphic too and Harvey wasn't even being that difficult today! I was being silly. Photo Oct 24, 5 41 31 PM

Moving in 30 days is bat shit crazy. Having your hubby go on a business trip the week before you move is not ideal. Both myself and the little one having a cold is not convenient. Coordinating packing, repairs, appraisals, etc. with a kid and a dog is exhausting. Getting a text from your husband saying he has to stay one more day because he has food poisoning is shitty. No pun intended. As I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, blogging away about how "stressed" I was, I thought, what good is this going to do? What good is a post complaining about everything when all of this stuff is of our own doing?? So I calmed down. Put the MAXED OUT graphic aside and looked for the brighter side.

What was the brighter side? We sold our house in record time, everything is on track, we have a place to stay, we are building a house, things will get moved on time no matter what, and all repairs are made. My hubby was feeling better by late this afternoon. I witnessed our son take a few unaided steps today. That's right. This happened! I was here for it. I witnessed it first hand yet I was too busy with my pity party to realize what fantastic thing happened today! He gets so proud when he knows he's accomplishing something too. I mean look at the cheeseball...

Photo Oct 24, 9 25 22 AM

So as I sit here, tired yet blessed, I vow to myself to make tomorrow better, to not let the negative ruin the good in the day, and to make a better attempt to be more present for my little cheeseball.