The Case of the Missing Pin

Photo Nov 26, 9 24 24 PM Look at this dish. I mean, really look at it. I made that. Yes, me. Not Rachael Ray. Not Martha Stewart. Little 'ol "the one who hates to cook" created that beautiful looking chicken. I carefully read the directions. I prepped the bird ever so gently. I used CSA veggies. I tied the legs together with butcher string. I basted it every 20 minutes just like the directions said. Yes, I even knew what a baster was! My husband loved it. It was the kind of love for a meal where he closed his eyes and shook his head in the 'no' direction (but that really means Mmm, Mmm, Delicious!). He now has been requesting this dish. Do you think for the LIFE of me I can find the recipe?? Of course not. I've scoured my Pin boards. I've emptied the recipe box. I've checked all my iPad screenshots and NOTHING. Nothing remains but this beautiful picture. Well, of course I took a picture of my work that day. I mean, LOOK at that damn bird! It's magazine ready. I was going to go viral with that bird! And now, it's just a faint memory for the refined palette. Sigh...

So while you are prepping for a holiday feast (because you will be sitting down with your family and not out shopping on Thursday, right? RIGHT?!) please think of me while you baste your birds.