Where Do I Begin?

Well, hello. If you read today's FB status I am sure you are expecting quite the doozy of a post tonight. I will try to deliver. If you missed the status, here you go. FB Status

Now as dramatic as my status was, my day was actually quite good. Well, until the witching hour but that happens every day so I can't count that. Right now, I am sitting here with my earbuds in listening to my Christmas music and enjoying a Cran-brrr-Rita. All is well. I was planning on writing some sort of 'Momedy' post today no matter what and with how the day went, I almost have too much content to make sense of anything! So here goes. I'll try to keep it as cohesive as possible.

I guess it started with me finding myself extremely interested in what happened next in an episode of "Sophia the First" on Disney Junior. Harvey watched for about seven minutes before he left me and I was sitting there just hoping Sophia was going to pass her princess test. I knew she would. Kindness always wins, kids. I also have enjoyed a couple of episodes of Austin & Ally. Give me a break. I haven't had cable since December 2005.

Now let me give you a little update on Harvey. He's almost 15 months old. CRAZY! And with age, comes an attitude no one believes he has except maybe my mother in law who sees him scream at me daily. Diaper changes are becoming a nightmare. Don't even think about wiping his booger nose with this cold he has. And cleaning up after meals? Forget it. Now. He only acts like that for me. I normally recruit Grandpa Steve to wipe him down after meals or take care of his nose. Turns into an angel. Diapers. I just tough through it. I don't think enough homebrew in the world will get Grandpa Steve to take care of that one for me. Today, Harvey didn't want to wear clothes beyond a diaper. I eventually got a shirt and pants on him but by the time everyone got home his pants were missing too. Oh well, at least he's not hollering at me...

Photo Dec 03, 11 07 26 AM

Up next, a toy workbench started going ballistic. It would NOT shut off and there is not an off switch. How lame is that? I resorted to taking the batteries out to shut it up. In this act, I learned a very valuable lesson. When your friends try to give you 'free' toys, it's because those toys are super annoying and they can't take it any more either. See pictured. No, thank YOU, Harbins...

What you don't see pictured is a toy lady bug that I sent home with my niece. Muah ha ha... She loves it and just pushes it around--NON stop. And guess what? It's super annoying. Don't think I didn't try sending that workbench home with her last weekend. I guess her birthday and Christmas is coming... ;)

Look how cute she is :)

Ok, enough with the toys and back to the status. As some of you know, I watch another little girl a couple of days a week. That little beauty got into her mommy's make up this morning and came adorned with eyeliner, hence the need to attempt to remove it. While I had her and Harv restrained, I mean, safely buckled in for lunch, I thought I'd try to take it off. As I bent to do so, Harv took his messy little baked bean goo hand and smeared the back of my hair. I wish you could have seen his face. He KNEW that was a funny turd like thing to do. Oh well, up in a pony it went and we carried on with our day.

I was really excited to show off my newly invented toy of packing peanuts and a large cardboard box. I had originally tried to make it super "educational". Try to find the colors, letters, or numbers! Come on kids, let's be smart! Photo Dec 03, 9 45 54 PM

Well the kids had a different idea. Education is boring, lady!!! Just give us some containers for helmets and let us play!!!

Photo Dec 03, 3 53 23 PM

However, like the blinky toys, the box eventually lost its glamour. I decided to sit down on the couch for a bit. As soon as I did, Butters (remember her?) was immediately on my lap. Harvey quickly joined, climbing all over me. It's always these moments that my phone is a million feet away so I have to try to recreate the image. This was the best recreation I could come up with. Not pictured? Butters. She refused to look up from my lap. Diva...

Photo Dec 03, 1 02 40 PM

I know what you're thinking. Bianca is looking at me like I'm nuts. I assure you, she thinks I'm hilarious too. You'll just have to trust me.

My play list is now over and my Cran-brrr-Rita dry so with that, I am off to enjoy some Pawn Stars before bed. No cable since 2005 remember?

Good night! Tracy

PS--I am not telling you who farted but at least it wasn't Turner this time...