An Excerpt from the Doggie Diaries

If you missed the first note from our dog, check it out here. Hello World, My, my, it has been a long time since you have heard from me. Again, my life has been in SHAMBLES, I tell you! It all started in October. Maid was running around the house, feverishly stashing things in boxes and chasing me and the Youngling with the upright floor sucker. I knew this feeling all too well. We wouldn't be staying at home for much longer. It was time to move again. You'd think Maid and Servant would get tired of always moving our residency. Apparently they find it a sport. It appears we are only temporarily planting our roots at Nana and Papa's house at the beloved farm. Well, it was a beloved getaway for me. Now, it has turned into such a plethora of responsibility for me. Moving here in October, during what the humans call 'harvest', means I am forced to keep watch at my post. No one else seems to be paying attention to all the commotion around here. No one else is alerting the house every time a train passes through.

Photo Oct 28, 12 37 50 PM

Photo Dec 05, 8 55 21 AM

Of course my nourishment continues to be supplemented with rations provided by the Youngling. I must say, Youngling is getting better about deliberately dropping things. However, I just don't understand why so many of the bits that end up at my at my disposal are green and orange. I am showing my protest by also avoided these pieces of nature.

After I have finished my routine check up of the outside yard and scraped for food off the floor, it is time for my rejuvenation. The South sun fills my dainty frame with the energy to keep up with any morning deliveries into the afternoon trains that pass. Photo Dec 05, 10 17 55 AM

When I am bored with my perch, I typically retreat to a bedroom. I prefer not to be disturbed but Maid opened the shades on me today. I think my look of utter annoyance tells you how I felt about it. Photo Dec 04, 10 21 02 AM

Normally in the evenings I enjoy snuggling up on the couch with Nana or Papa. Tonight, there is some production called 'The Sound of Music' on the television so we have all been given strict orders to behave with decorum. Since I am unable to neglect my duties when the train goes by, I have silently left the family gathering to take post in the upstairs living quarters. Unfortunately, the Youngling was already asleep so when I sounded the alarm that the train was near, Servant came to get me and I was immediately put into my place next to Nana.

I give up tonight...

Photo Dec 05, 8 45 33 PM