Harmony, Happy, and Fun

I had a great conversation with one of my best friends last night. We talked about all kinds of things, filled each other in about how our holidays went, and even started brainstorming an idea of a project to work on together. Then we started talking about 'One Word'. We had texted each other our words about a week ago. Mine was diligence and hers was risk. I told her about another friend of mine whose word is harmony. After further discussion around the topic my friend changed her word from risk to happy. I told her I'd let her make a one time change only! (I am kind of a 'One Word' stickler with my friends. ;)) But she gave me good reasons why she should change it to happy. She knows being happy will involve risk. She wants happy to be the end result. It made perfect sense. And today the lovely Jina said her word was fun and all of her reasons around it are absolutely perfect. Enjoy this life you are living! Just have fun! When I sit down to think about what my word should be I always come up things like focus, productivity, drive, persistence, etc. When I saw harmony it made me pause. I started thinking of other words like peace, calm, relax, and breathe. I chuckled at and to myself. Peace, calm, relax, and breathe? Yep. Those are all things I could use and that should be on my list. But they aren't. They don't even enter my mind when I sit down to think of my 'One Word'. Then my friend had to go and change her word from risk to happy. Her reasoning was perfect and I can't wait to see her fulfill that in 2014. Plus if she knows me at all she knows I will be checking on her to make sure it happens. ;) And why wouldn't the word be FUN from the brains behind thehappyhealthytruth.com!? Have you seen what she's got going over there? It kicks ass. So does seeing these different words from people I admire make me doubt my word? Absolutely not. Just because their words have a different tone, doesn't mean I should doubt what I picked. It doesn't mean that I am missing the bigger picture or don't have harmony, happiness or fun.

So I will be going forth with my word, proudly and confidently. You should too. No matter what.

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