What Was I Thinking?

WWIT What the H E double hockey sticks was I thinking? I signed up for a 40 day no alcohol challenge. The goodness of New Year's goals got the best of me. Well, so did the belly hang over my pants but that's not the point. My past self was looking at me today, shaking her head, going "What. An. Idiot." Let's back up a bit.

This past weekend I went with my dad to watch my three cousins for four days. It was a four hour drive away but I loved every minute of it and I'm glad my son got to spend time with his Papa and cuzzies. So, good weekend. My son and I made the trek back on Monday. Two hours, stop to eat and stretch for a bit, then back in the car for another two hours. When we got home, I had arranged it with my hubby to meet him at the appliance store so we could pick out appliances for the new house. We needed to get that done and for some reason I felt after a long weekend and a long day of driving it would be wise to get that done while we were in motion. Well, I didn't time it perfectly so we had to kill an hour before meeting with the salesmen. I drove around and had the brilliant idea to take my 16-month-old son in for a walk in haircut. At 5pm. Without a snack or dinner. After being in the car all day. After a long weekend of pack n play sleep. Oh sure, he was all giddy as we sat there waiting, munching on a cracker, sitting in a chair all by himself. But as soon as we made the move to the barber chair, I could feel his little paws cling to me for dear life. I elected for him to sit on my lap. He refused to let the girl put a cape on him so I wrestled him until it was done. I had spotted some suckers as we walked in and asked the girl if she would go get him one. Yes! Sugary goodness was working. He was sitting still, slurping away on the watermelon sucker. Then starts the crying. Oh it started as a sweet little whimper. I was able to distract him a bit by saying I was going to eat his sucker. But pretty soon the whimper turned into blood curdling, this is worse than shots, clinging to me for dear life, screams. Hysterics. Dramatics. We ruined the spa for anyone coming to relax after work. Whoops. Despite the screaming, my son did sit fairly still and the girl was able to cut his hair well. There were a few longer spots but nothing that major and if I can get him to sit I can probably tackle them myself. As we sat there,sweating my ass off by the way, I was hoping we'd just get out of there in time. We did. We survived. He looks adorable. But I learned a very valuable lesson. If you know it's something out of your kid's routine, don't expect awesome results. Or just know better and don't even attempt it. So with that, I could have used a drink.

Then there was today. Oh Lordy, there was today. We had an AWESOME morning. We were both well rested after our long weekend. He helped me with laundry and emptying the dishwasher. He played nicely as I got some computer work done. He showed no signs of wanting to nap but by 12:30 I made him try. That was my first mistake. Oh sure, he went to sleep. But the day was going so well I should have left it alone. He woke up a bear cat. (I just googled images of a bear cat. Yep, that was him.) What a crank! I tried giving him a snack. He didn't want what I prepared and I decided, tough patookies. You're getting that or nothing. He cried. Too bad for him we had to run to town to get groceries. So we did. And he whined the whole way there. He loved helping at the grocery store. But then he whined the whole way home again. That's a 30 minute drive of screeching from the backseat. One way. Once we were home his Great Uncle Scott was in the yard and I needed to give him some mail. Scott was on the phone so I just left Harv in the car quick. He must have seen him through the window because he started crying as we drove up to the house saying 'Cott! Papa! 'Cott! Papa! He knows the shop equals Uncle Scott and Papa. He's going to be a farm boy for sure! Then we got in the house and I needed to put groceries away. He was not having it so I offered him the snack he refused to eat earlier. He started his pointing to the counter, the fridge, the pantry, in hopes of getting something else to eat. The answer was no. I don't care where he was pointing at, I wasn't giving in! So I walked away for a bit. He continued to whine but eventually quieted. When I came back he started his pointing whine again but with a SMIRK out of the corner of his eye that said "How are you going to react now, lady??" The booger duped me. All day. Played me like a fiddle. I'll be wiser tomorrow. It was that moment that I just wanted a drink. I wanted to chug a beer. That would have been sweet relief. But I couldn't. I needed to be good for my challenge group. So I sent them a message and immediately received encouragement and some laughs. And now post-bedtime, all is well with the world again.

So in conclusion, it was maybe a bit crazy to sign up for this challenge. However, I had my reasons (more on those later) and I look forward to seeing what the results are at the end. You know, when I'm celebrating over a glass of champagne.