Cousin Love

There is something special about families that grow due to the power of cousinly love. Personally, I'm so grateful for my large group of cousins. My husband's family is no exception. Today my little family attended a funeral for my husband's great uncle, Roger. There is something so special about this side of my husband's family. Don't get me wrong. I love all of our families, immediate and extended as far as we know. But being at this service today just proved you don't have to have many siblings to have a great extended family and a lot of love. Roger and his wife had one son, but Roger himself had seven siblings. There were around 40 people in the family section today. Ourselves included. As I sat with the family, I felt so honored to be there, to be included and considered close family with this group of people. I observed the individual families, arms around each other, tissues in hand, as some came forward to say a few words about Roger. All stories had to mention his sense of humor in some form. Roger and his siblings, that I have had the pleasure of knowing, all have a wonderful sense of humor. It's not even just a great sense of humor but a smile that you can see for miles. All identical. All contagious. They all giggle and chuckle the same way that moves their whole body with laughter. The memories that were shared of the jokes that were told were just the beginning. It was that bond over laughter that everyone will carry with them. And that everyone carrying great memories, extends beyond Roger's wife, one son and his wife. It goes much further than his grandchildren and great grandchildren. It extends to his siblings and their families, these cousins that continue on for generations.

I am proud that my son will have these cousins to call family. My husband and I don't know what the future will hold for our family. We don't know if we will be blessed with another child. And let's be honest, some days we tell ourselves that one is plenty! But if it's God's plan to keep Harvey an only child, I know that his family is large, the love is deep, and the laughter will always be present.

Harvey with his "third" cousins, Oliver and Wyatt.