It Touched Me

Reader be warned! Gross post. But now that I've piqued your curiosity, feel free to keep reading... Let me just preface this by saying I know this wasn't that bad and there are MUCH worse things out there to deal with as a parent. However, I wish you could have seen me do the gag dance around the house after this happened...

Here I am. No shower. No make up.  And thinking I'll have to amputate that finger.

It all started yesterday. I decided to be "that" mom. I whipped up a little Pinterest creation for breakfast. Look how adorable this little teddy bear toast was anyway!

Photo Jan 21, 8 35 14 AMPhoto Jan 21, 8 35 27 AM

But if you look closer, my little boy is picking the raisins off. He was devouring them! I gave him a handful more. That was a mistake. See, my little boy only has eight front teeth. He swallows quite a bit whole. Raisins are no exception. I thought nothing of it. Until today...

Around 9am every morning my boy fills his pants with yesterday's goods. I was in for a treat. Pinterest came to bite me in the ass on this one. I opened his diaper to find that handful of raisins. I could have just washed them off and let them go through the cycle again. Gross!!! I can't believe I just wrote that. Hahaha... Gross.

It's not like diaper changes are a fun event around here to begin with. I mean, he's 16 months old. He has better things to do than get his butt cleaned. It's always a battle and he laughs at my frustration just adding fuel to my mommy fire. It's the reason I want to drink every night.

I thought I was in the clear except one of those tainted little raisins escaped the messy diaper. When I picked up his jammies to put them back on, it touched me. It touched me! Right on my left index finger. Poor little pointer... I freaked. Absolutely freaked. It was like a poisonous bug had just bit me and I was going to have to amputate. Even as I type this, I can still feel it on my finger. Shudder... I can't get my hands clean enough! Why are kids so gross?!?!

Anyway... I'm over it now and like I said, I know this wasn't that bad but YUCK!!!!