Don't Eat The Soggy Waffles

Photo Jan 27, 12 58 09 PM I caught myself today. I've caught myself other days but today it was a complete "What are you doing?!" moment. Harvey loves to eat waffles for breakfast. I know they probably aren't the best for him but I pair it with fruit and milk and call it good. The kid can gulp two down most days. However, today he nibbled on all the pieces and only finished half. I caught myself eating the leftovers. Why?!!? I have my own breakfast routine. Why do I feel the need to put these soggy scraps in my mouth?

I call it a case of the "Mommy Nibbles". There are few times that I can sit down and have a meal without sharing with him so I just nibble all day long. I know this could lead to major weight gain if I am not careful. Turner even made a comment the other day when we were snowed in, "I could never stay home. I'd gain 300 pounds." That's because sometimes, being at home is super boring. Sometimes I just wander around the kitchen. Sometimes I just want to inhale that piece of chocolate without having to show Harvey what is in my mouth. I don't even get to enjoy it so why bother eating it?!

Last fall, I ran a 90 day challenge for people who wanted to jump start their weight loss with the help of Shaklee 180. It was awesome. It requires calorie counting which can be tiresome, but after 30 days of diligent calorie counting, I kind of knew what my limits were for the day so I stopped counting. Then in November I started the Get Light program which doesn't require calorie counting but rather just eating whole, real foods. Between the two of these programs I feel I have educated myself on what healthy eating is and I now know what fuels my body. I know better. I even am doing an online Bible study called Made to Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire with God, Not Food. I have all of the tools in my corner, yet I still find myself indulging on things that aren't necessary.

I guess it's the joys of being human, huh? What's your "soggy waffle"? What's your challenge?