The Grass Is Never Greener

One of my best friends is currently globe trotting the world. Yes, the globe. Yes, the entire world. My fellow 30-year-old pal is living a completely opposite life than me. Thanks to technology and her always changing time zones we keep in awesome touch. From my perspective, she is living a dream. How many people get the opportunity to just pick up and live a life like this? It's a rare opportunity and I am so glad she gets to experience all that she does. I'd be lying to you if I didn't say I was jealous but I'm happy for her nonetheless. That's her. Helicoptering around Switzerland. Lucky, B.

One day, about a month or so ago, we were chatting and sending photos of what we were doing at that moment. She was at a party where her wine and champagne glasses were never empty. I just had boogers wiped on my shoulder, literally. I thought for sure I won the pity card that day. I mean, I'm living in freezing North Dakota where I am lucky if I leave the house once a week right now and she is somewhere warm where the excitement is flowing.

Here I am! Boogers, Books, and Messes.

But here's the thing. While we are both on a path that we elected to be on, we were both miserable at that moment. She wanted to quit what she was doing, find a husband, and have a kid. She was at this party but barely anyone spoke English. She only knew a few people. She was lonely. I wanted to pack my bags and find a party where my glass never emptied. I hadn't showered yet that day. I probably hadn't left the house for several days. I craved alone time. If "Freaky Friday" existed, you could bet your butts that we would have changed places. Right then and there. No questions asked.

Ever since I had this moment with my friend I have been thinking a lot about how women seem to never be happy. I mean truly happy. We never seem to be fulfilled. We always want the opposite of what we have even if we are on a chosen path. We always want more. We always think there is something better out there. When do we get to a point and say, "Hey. Enough's enough. Let's kick ass at this life we are living."? I applaud the women who are kicking ass at life. I think the majority of us feel like we are always treading water; even the ones who go to seminars, read books, make life maps and more. When do you get to the point when you just put that stuff into action?? Enough dreaming. Let's DO this!

I feel that is where I am right now. Like I stated earlier this week, I have so many opportunities right in front of me. I need some action and I'm not just talking about the between the sheets kind. I'm talking life fulfilling action. When do we stop discussing our plans with our friends and significant others and just take it upon ourselves to embrace the life we have in front of us? Which leads me to my next point...

I am changing my "One Word" for 2014. Yep. You read that correctly. Screw diligence. I know I need that. I don't need a posted word to remind me that I need to put my iPhone down and do the dishes but what I do need is a reminder to embrace. Embrace the life I live. Embrace the moments. Embrace the situation. Embrace my opportunities and challenges. I need that reminder much more right now. I am not waiting for 2015 to do that. So I'm making a reversal, a change. My new word for 2014 is embrace.

With embracing, comes a new energy. An re-ignited passion to get things done, push myself, and make it all work. Right now. I'm going to run with the value of raising my son. I'm going to blog and blog until I'm zapped for ideas. I am going to talk Shaklee with everyone (so check your Inbox!). I am going to get our new house organized with a kick ass toy system that I will share with all of you. I am going to menu plan my face off. I am going to cut things out that aren't necessary and I am going to embrace the moments that don't coincide with my plans. If you see a post that veers off this plan, call me out on it. Feel free to keep me on track. In the meantime, I challenge (there's that word again) to do the same. Stop talking about it. Go get it done! Whatever that is for you. Chances are the grass isn't greener on the other side so take this life you are given and make it yours!