Yes, That's The Same Shirt...

I've been on a little video frenzy lately. My computer is on its death bed so it has been easier for me to quick shoot a video on my iPhone and get it to YouTube. Please take a moment to watch my last videos. Yes, I am wearing the same sweatshirt in all of them. My new thing is to reduce laundry by wearing the same clothes all week, or until I can smell myself, whichever comes first. I guess that's the beauty of staying home! At least I am showered in all of them. Makeup also optional, well not mascara. Sorry husband... First go to my Facebook page. There is a video on there posted twice today that I deleted from my phone before I had a chance to load it. That was a big fat sign to just walk away from the electronics.

Here are the top videos you need to watch. I will be in and out of the blog world this month. With a dead computer and moving it will be hard to sit down and write to you. But watch for videos!! Subscribe to my YouTube channel!! Below the are the videos!

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