My Adventure With Chalk Paint®

A couple of weeks ago I decided I was going to tackle painting a piece of furniture. We were nearing the closing date for our house and I needed this piece to serve as a changing table for my son. I was also taking this moving opportunity to change the color scheme a little bit in his room. Here is a photo of his old room.

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We only purchased the crib. The room had a built in spot that we used as a changing table and the rest of the furniture was hand me downs or garage sale finds that we painted to fit our gender neutral theme. We used spray paintfor all of the furniture.

Since I planned to repaint some of the pieces that have already been painted once I decided to splurge on Chalk Paint®. It's all the rave here locally. Here was the major piece that needed to be completed. It was going to replace my son's current tall dresser and act as a changing table.

Photo Feb 01, 9 55 12 AM

Here is the work in progress.

Photo Feb 02, 1 33 03 PM

I didn't take a Chalk Paint® class prior to completing this project and I sure wish I had! While it's super simple to use there are definitely a few tips and tricks that I could have learned before tackling such a large piece. Here are my learnings. Again this could be because I always do first and ask questions later. :) I can picture my husband rolling his eyes at that statement. Anyway, here is what I thought! 1. You need to apply the paint thickly. I am used to painting walls where you brush and brush to get an even coat. With this, you want to be much thicker and can be much messier. 2. It won't have a shiny, smooth finish when you are done. Since we spray painted furniture before it was coated smoothly. This paint dries matte and is meant to have a certain look. I knew this so I don't know why I was so surprised when it looked differently than I had planned. It is still GREAT but I just pictured something different. 3. White is kind of a bugger to use. Since I wasn't coating the piece as thickly as I should, the coats were drying too quickly and then pulling up when I applied the second coat. If I would have done my first coat thicker, it would have dried slower and the whole process would have been easier. I ended up having to strip the top and redo it but it was my error. White also requires many coats where as the darker colors do not. The navy was easier.

Here is the before and after! We bought some new hardware for the piece as well because frankly, I was too lazy and annoyed to deal with painting the current hardware. I like it better anyway.

Photo Feb 12, 12 34 49 PM

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Eco Chic Feb 2014

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