The Lamaze Class Lie

I don't know why I keep thinking about this. Maybe it's because a good friend of mine is ready to have a baby any day now. Maybe it was the post I saw on FB from another friend about going to Lamaze class with his wife. Maybe I'm getting baby fever. Well, if it wasn't for the war flash backs my vagina keeps having when I think about having another baby. Regardless, I need to call out the lie we were told in Lamaze class. "There is always time for an epidural."

Um, no. There isn't always enough time. Everyone is very different, even if you are a first time mom. The example our Lamaze instructor gave us was if you were dilated to a nine there is still at least an hour before you are at a 10 so an epidural could be administered. People usually dilated about a cm an hour. Usually.

My husband and I were the "flexible" birth plan people. We had wishes written out but there was nothing we felt passionate about and weren't about to go all ape on a nurse if something could/couldn't be done. But when I checked in that September evening, I was asking for an epidural before I even hit the bed. Then I felt the nurse and my husband exchange a funny glance. Yes I felt it. I think at that moment I knew but I waited for them to say it. I was progressing too fast. There was no time for an epidural. They actually made it seem like that baby was going to come shooting out and hit the wall. We hadn't even brought our luggage up yet! A nurse took my hubby down the service elevator and he ran back up. But don't worry we still had a ways to go. That's another story...

But as always, the end result is worth it. Just look at that little bundle. The same bundle who is just getting his lazy bones up for the day so I have to wrap this up! Have a good day!!


Addition: Reflecting back, I am glad I didn't have an epidural. I had a fluid IV in me to prep me for an epidural and I accidentally pulled that out during a contraction so I'm sure I wouldn't have done well with getting an epidural. Plus I didn't have any crazy side effects or feelings afterwards because I was drug free!