So, This is What They Call "A Permanent Residence"...

Dear Worldly Beings,It is I, Butters. We have again moved our abode. If you aren't aware, this is the third home we have lived in in the past six years. Fourth if you count our temporary residence. Maid and Servant tell me this time it is a permanent transition; however, given their track record over the years, I will believe it when I'm dead. I must admit, this relocation was much easier on me as I was residing at my beloved farm until my sleeping chamber could be properly restored. Nevertheless, I am again reduced to such impoverish levels. Do you have your doubts? Let me show you...

Here I am pictured on the smallest piece of comfort available. I mean, really? Is it too much to ask to have some luxurious carpet available for my tender treads?

Photo Feb 19, 5 44 51 PM

I am forced to "play" with the Youngling. While I long to roam and be active at my own accord, Maid insists I engage in such activities with the slobbering mess. I am clearly above such actions. The only perk is the remnants of food he drops for my enjoyment.

Click here if it doesn't play.

The only perk about all of the moving receptacles that are strewn about is that Maid will occasionally allow me to claim one of them as my own. Here you will see me pictured with my newest companion. I am told that it is a popular character from the 1990s however I find it to be exactly my current taste. And while I enjoy this bear’s company, Maid insists on taking it from me and throwing it about the filthy basement. I chase it and attempt to bring it comfort only for the action to be repeated. It angers me so. Photo Mar 03, 8 40 37 PM

Oh and how I long for the sun. I find myself shuffling from room to room in order to take advantage of any small gleam of the outdoors. Maid takes me out briefly for me to use the lavatory however the temperature is quite numbing. I move quickly only to find my indoor sanctuary has again moved and I must go hunting for it to gain warmth. It’s tiresome. Photo Mar 02, 2 55 18 PM

I find myself lurking around Youngling frequently because he tends to have what he calls “Nummies” and ends up casting some to the floor. The fool can’t keep half of them in his mouth which I guess is to my benefit. I do feel my winter weight is creeping up to me with the lack of outdoor time due to the aforementioned chill. These extra “snacks” also make me quite agitated. When I need Maid’s attention I move from underneath Youngling and sit in bizarre places. She is so easily amused. Photo Mar 03, 3 22 50 PM

Like our previous homes I take it upon myself to be the watch of the neighborhood. Here you can see me patrolling for what the Maid called “pheasants.” Pesky creatures if you ask me. Photo Feb 27, 8 15 25 AM (1)

Watch at my daily post makes me quite thirsty. Oh how I long to consume a splash of fermented liquid but Maid has been quit selfish with it since she stopped her no alcohol challenge. What a tease. Click here if you cannot see the video.

Nonetheless, I do enjoy our new household. I continue to remain the superb being in the home. Maid even tries to include me in what is known as a "selfie". She is so pathetic sometimes. Does she not see my disgust? I am clearly above this popular trend. Photo Mar 01, 4 51 33 PM

As always, my dear world, please send canine treats. They are much better than the toasted mini doughnut looking cereals and yellowish orange marine life crackers that Youngling leaves behind for me. Until next time...