Mommy, Just Be Still

My son scoots off to get another book to read and I have a hard time waiting for him to return without trying to get one more thing done.Mommy, just be still.

The whines for snacks or to see what is going on in the kitchen feel never ending. Can't I just get dinner done without interruption? Mommy, just be still.

"I'll be right there" or "Just a minute" are frequent chants to hopefully gain one more minute for me and my agenda. Mommy, just be still.

There's a nap time protest taking place, a battle that Mommy never wants to lose. Is that break from him really that important today? Mommy, just be still.

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Mommy, be still and ride this wave of motherhood. Every moment is different, unpredictable, sometimes scary but mostly joyous. Don't let your emotions consume you when instead you need to embrace the situation. You know some battles aren't worth fighting. You know you can't change much so change what you can. Direct and lead him with a gentle, loving heart.

Be still and get down to his level; look him in the eye. Those big eyes that look to you to shape his world, teach him right from wrong, and be his guide. Those eyes that are filled with love, curiosity, and a little bit of mischief. Look at them. Memorize them. For one day the look you see in return will be of a young, grown man.

Be still and try to listen; try to understand. Listen to the words he is trying so hard to say. The communication that he is rapidly learning but never fast enough by your standards. Listen hard on the days when he's saying things that make no sense as one day they will be definite words and then complete sentences.

Be still and sit down. Sit down and PLAY. Take the time to relive your childhood. Show him how to use toys to their full advantage; how to use his imagination. Read until the books fall a part. Play until all the pieces are worn. The work you have to do is just that. Work. How often can you say that all you had to do today was play?

Be still and make him giggle. When all else fails; when nothing is going according to plan; do whatever you can to make him giggle. As the laughter begins, allow the stress to melt away. It will recharge you. You will laugh too. Cherish that boyish giggle.

Mommy, be still when you need peace. It's ok to know you've had enough and you need a break. Not every moment will feel like a blessing. Not every minute will be enjoyed. Limits are pushed. Doors get locked. Plates get broken. Heads get bumped. Tears are shed. Anger is present. Remember that it's ok to be human, to make mistakes, and be corrected. Remember that these feelings of disappointment, of frustration, of hurt are always temporary. There is always more good than bad. It always passes even when the moment feels the worst. And when those moments arise and you don't know what else to do, just be still.

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