Ten Forty Four: No More

10:44. That was my 5k pace. That WAS my pace. I took up running in 2009 took 2012 off to have a baby and was back in the saddle in 2013. No matter how much I thought I ran or how much effort I put into it, I could NOT break that pace when it came to a race. I started to just accept it. I just figured it was MY pace and that's how it was going to be. Everyone has their own pace and that's ok. I guess 10:44 was just mine. Now, I wasn't doing a running plan or strength training and I was eating complete crap during this time. Let me tell you this my friends, MyFitnessPal is not your pal in my opinion. The way it calculates your calories versus your workouts makes you believe that "Yep, you deserve that cheeseburger". It is going to be a slow weight loss for you if that's the path you take. Anyway... :) My first race post-baby in 2013 was SLOW. Good Lord, it was slow (for me). 11:24 pace. My poor friend who said she'd run with me. She was practically walking. Mind you, she's a running machine. But I appreciated her support and I didn't walk even though I wanted to stop and die. So after that race I ran with stroller and pup in tow but still did not see much progress when it came to speed. Some but not much.

Then I started Shaklee 180. STOP! Hear me out. Just hear me out. I started strength training with my running. I started using the Shaklee 180 app that did NOT allow you to use your workout as an excuse to eat poorly. My next 5k? I ran it at a 10:30 pace. Still wasn't at my goal to run a 5k in under 30 minutes but I was sure getting closer. I signed up for one more race in the fall. I had cleaned up my eating, added in some strength, and hit a good pace during practice runs. And guess what? I finally broke the 30 minute marker for a 5k and finished with a 9:28 pace. I mean, my toenails fell off, but dammit I did it!

But I think was really broke was my mental block that I couldn't do it. I couldn't prove what exactly was helping my pace whether it was Shaklee's tools, the overall better eating (thanks to The Happy Healthy Truth), the strength training or just my mental attitude. I did know that I was never turning back.

Photo source: Pinterest

I remember when I ran my first races how I thought three miles was such a feat. Now I signed up for a freaking half marathon and am ENJOYING the runs I have to do for training. Well, I haven't had to go over five miles yet but still. STILL! Five miles, like no big deal?? When I stop and think about that or repeat that to myself, I am in shock. I am in awe. I am impressed with myself. I hope bragging doesn't cause me to break my ankle tomorrow because that's typically my luck, but DAMN. Five miles and beyond is just so amazing when you think of that. That's all mental, baby! Yes, I get a little bummed when my pace is slower but for the most part, I am still well under the 10:44 mark of yesteryear. Yep, I just said yesteryear and I loved that too.

I get responses from people that I might inspire them to run someday. I had a lot of great encouragers when I started and I couldn't be more thankful for them. If you want to try running, do it. It doesn't matter what your pace is because you are DOING it. You might only be able to run a block. Maybe just two. But one day you might run a mile. And when that day comes, your head should be rejoicing at the fact that you ran that mile no matter the pace.

Here's a post run clip today where I talk a little bit about today's pace. Click here if it doesn't play for you.

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