Getting Rid of 'Should'

I shared a photo on Facebook the other day and the note that I put with it read, "I should print this..." After I hit post, I wanted to retract or edit it but I didn't because the day took off from there. I wanted to edit it because the word "should", should NOT be in there. Let me tell you why. A couple years ago I was blessed to be involved in a local women's leadership group. Every month for six months, 35 young women gathered to hear local speakers talk about being leaders in our community, overcoming obstacles in the workplace, and just being the best YOU, you could be. One of the speakers, who completely had my attention, was Pam McGee. She had many good messages throughout her presentation but the one simple message that stuck with me to this day is "eliminating the word should from your vocabulary." Think about that.

If you eliminate should , it turns your thoughts and ideas into concrete action. Every. Single. Time.

'I should call my friend' turns into 'Call my friend'. 'I should go workout' turns into 'Go workout'. 'I should put my phone down and pay attention to my kids' turns into 'Put my phone down and pay attention to my kids'. 'I should do something nice for my husband' turns into 'Do something nice for my husband'. I SHOULD use this one more often. **wink wink**

Since I heard this message two years ago, I have put it in practice as much as possible. It's not always easy. It's definitely not a lazy way to go about life because it keeps you moving. But it works. It gets things done. It crosses off items from the to-do list. It keeps me engaged. It makes me aware and it makes me be more involved.

Next time you are thinking about all the things you should do, just go do them. Think of what you'll accomplish!

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