Good for the Soul...

Yesterday I was texting back and forth with my husband's second cousin's wife. (Yes, I could have just said my friend but that mumbo jumbo was more fun.) She was letting me know how my Dark Side post just hit her at the right time as did the Mommy, Be Still post earlier this month. And while we were talking she suggested some remedies for my son's current cold. I replied that I'd look into it but for now I was just letting him eat chocolate chips. Photo Mar 25, 10 40 40 AM

And she replied: "Good idea. Good for the soul." And you know what? It was. That comment also got me thinking last night and into today: how often do we just throw the rules out the window and do things that are good for the soul?

So today, I was going to focus on things that were good for my soul. I'm guessing it did my son's soul some good too. I started by making time to say some prayers this morning. I mean, really pray. Not just think about it, start mumbling a few words in my head, and then let myself get distracted. I mean, get out of bed before my son, sit down with a prayer book and pray. The little boy was soon up after I finished so we started our day but I already felt awesome because I actually made time for prayer and reflection.

The usual routine was in swing: breakfast, playing with toys, Sesame Street so I can shower, etc. I made intentional points to put my phone down, grab his little hand, and lead him downstairs to play. We read books, played basketball, and he helped with some laundry. We continued to chip away at our day until naptime. Here's when I got real crazy with this idea of doing things for my soul...

As soon as my son laid down, I took out my Bible. I have been meaning to get better at reading it but never seem to make dedicated time for it. It's always the "should" that slips away. I decided that the first 30 minutes of naptime were going to be focused on the Bible. Of course there were lots of household tasks that were haunting me saying, "You need to take care of me first!"

Like the mess of this brilliant felt craft project that I wanted my son to try. My "felt on felt" craft project!

Or this pile of laundry that needed to be put away. See that black book on the table? There's the Bible just waiting for me.

But they could wait. And they could be done with my son running around me. Reading could not be done with him around. So I set the timer on my phone and off I read. Now, I am not trying to read the Bible in a year or even read much. In fact, I heard a quote that said you should view the Bible as a library instead of a book to check off a list. Something that you go back and reference and read out of order. Since hearing that, I feel good about just spending some time with it. No matter what I read.

What I did next even made my husband look at me funny when I told him during supper... I took a nap. Now, I know what you are thinking. "If I stayed home, I'd always nap!" Well, I don't nap. Ever. I don't recall napping much on maternity leave either even when I was ready to claw my eyes out I was so tired. I just don't like it because it makes me feel icky if I nap too long and let's face it, I always have something else to do! If I do feel the need to nap, I set my phone alarm for 20 minutes. If I go over that, just put me out to pasture. I'm dead the rest of the day. So that's what I did. I set my phone for 20 minutes. But then I figured I better go to the bathroom first and grab a blanket so I had to reset the clock. I was hesitant to cover with a blanket because the way Butters was cuddled up next to me, I was one dog toot away from a dutch oven. She's so gross... Anyway. I fell asleep! I napped for the perfect amount of time! I even fell back asleep when my alarm went off and luckily a friend texted me and I woke up. That was a blessing! I felt completely refreshed after that and was back at the day. Talk about a soul lifter!

And guess what?? That messy craft project and laundry pile still got taken care of before my son even woke up. By getting my "me time" in first, I felt so much better this afternoon than I normally do. Normally I wait to do "me time" at the end of nap time, and it is sure to be cut short, leaving me with a feeling of frustration and even irritated. This was so much better!

To top the day off, me, Harvey and Butters played outside while supper cooked and my dear husband reminded me I needed to get two miles in tonight since I skipped last night. I dragged my butt to the gym and took advantage of even more "me time". Let's just say my soul and self feel completely refreshed tonight and while we may not always have such wonderful tomorrows, I know how to put a better day together from the start, and doing a little for our souls along the way.

Photo Mar 26, 8 36 04 PM