Kids Are Gross

I've been wracking my brain lately, trying to come up with a motherhood/child-driving-me-crazy post and there hasn't been much going on! Little man and I have fell into a pretty good rhythm and with my new mentality during nap times, I am finding myself more refreshed and able to conquer more of motherhood and important tasks. Fortunately, I have no pictures of the following events to share with you. You'll thank me. I thought I'd cover some of the GROSS things that have been happening around here and the little pleasures I get out of them. Because hey, I might as well enjoy some of this stuff.

First off all and this wasn't an enjoyable one but I almost died today. I was changing a rather moist, poopy diaper (yes I just used those two words together) and we were wrapping things up when it happened. The dirty diaper's Velcro tabby thing was stuck to his sock and when I moved him to put the new diaper on. The dirty one, still open and not secured, went plummeting to the floor. I gasped. I jumped back. I squeezed my eyes shut hoping the damage would be minimal. I. Lucked. Out. There was no damage. But this could have been bad. Almost as bad as this time... Crisis averted.

Now let's get to the highlight of my day lately. I just can't get enough booger picking. Can you believe I am admitting this? I can guarantee I am not alone because there is something sickly, victorious about it. About pinning a toddler down and pulling out that green, sticky booger. Or "boo-boo" as my dear son calls it. It's even more exciting when it's bigger than you anticipated. Mommy perks, I guess. Now I'm not talking about an overly runny or plugged nose. Not one where you'd have to pull this bad boy out of the reserves. Or one where every time your child turns around they smile at you through a river of snot. I'm talking about the booger that you can see just barely hanging out of their little nose. That just takes a quick little pick from a skilled hand to remove. I've even found if I have my son stand on the bathroom sink and show him what I am doing in the mirror, he even appreciates the nasal relief. (If you clicked that link and thought that was even grosser, then you haven't lived until you used that nasal aspirator. Only way to go.)

Ok, back to poop. Just thought of another thing! The past couple weeks I feel the smell of it has been following me around. No, it wasn't me. I'd tell you if it was. :) But we would go for a walk outside and the smell haunts me until I realize I have bag of dog do-do in my pocket that I picked up a few minutes ago. Then we get back in the house and Harvey smells like it but his diaper is empty. It's just embedded in my nose I guess... Dog or child.

In addition to the grosser side of life, little man has been talking quite a bit more. I mean, if you can decipher toddler code, you probably have a good chance of having an intellectual conversation with him. I'll give you some clues. Poo can mean the following: Poop, Book, Boot, Pull. When he knows what something is but doesn't know how to say the word yet he says "Opt-gob-kaa". Egg used to be that. Now strawberry and duck are pegged "opt-gob-kaa" so you better use your context clues. However, he is able to communicate pretty well. Either that or I am really good at speaking his language. He graduated from signing "please" to saying it this week. I damn near cried over that and probably overpraised just a tish but that was a PROUD moment here.

So that's what has been happening at our house. All this grossness and attempts to enjoy the nice weather! Oh, and all my craziness over on YouTube. Tune in Monday through Friday for my random thoughts! You can subscribe to YouTube so you don't miss a video. Speaking of subscribing, if you aren't subscribed to the blog already, you should do it now! I have an exclusive "Five Fast Cleaning Tips" video all ready to go for email subscribers! Going out Thursday so get that done today! Thanks for hanging out! Have a great day! Tracy