Happy Earth Day everyone!! Did you know that Shaklee's "greenness" runs far deeper than being good for you and your home? When you purchase their cleaning products you are reducing packaging waste. By using their concentrated products, you are keeping extra bottles out of landfills. I mean look at this. Pretty neat, huh?get clean earth day

You know how I love Scour Off, right? I mean, have you seen this amazing clip?? This was the day my love for Scour Off went through the roof. Be still my heart...

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Well guess what? It's not just me. Here is a picture of my friend Maria's sink. She was dyeing fabric and oopsie... Scour Off saved that sink! misc 004

I am running a Shaklee special for ONE DAY ONLY. If you purchase a Get Clean Starter Kit on April 22, I will send you a Scour Off for FREE! This offer is good for new members, existing members, or even if you want to buy it retail and not become a member. Purchase the kit and get Scour Off sent to your doorstep--a gift from me for taking the leap to Shaklee cleaning. Here's another video to tell you the details. Just count how many times I say "Earth Day".

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