Mom's Superpowers

There's something about a cuddly toddler that gets my mind moving, swells my heart with love, and makes me stop to smell the roses. Toddlers don't sit still. Ever. If they are playing nicely and alone, they just pooped. That's a guarantee. My little boy has had a fever the past couple days. No other symptoms except a warm head and an increased need for mommy. I'm 99.9% sure it's teeth but you just never know and that unknown always raises concern. Last night, I rocked him to sleep. No ifs, ands, or buts; I was rocking that burning baby to sleep. Not because he needed me to aid in getting him to sleep but because I needed to snuggle him. I needed to rub his back just like my mom used to do when I was sick. I needed to lay my cheek on his hot forehead. I needed to wrap my arms around him and soak in how he still fits just right no matter how big he gets. I needed him to feel my care, worry, and love.

He fell asleep quickly but every time I'd stop rubbing his back or tried to move, he would wake up and look at me. Never whimpered, never cried, just looked at me. In my head that look said, "You're not leaving already are you?" so of course the rocking and back rubbing resumed. I wish we had a more comfortable rocker. I'd just sleep in his room when nights like this happen but instead I have to eventually stop the cuddle time and put him to bed. I only move for good once my heart is full and my mind has stopped wandering.

I thought about how a Mom's touch not only comforts the child but the Mom as well. It reminds Mom that she has the most important job in the world. It fills Mom's heart back up with needed love and restores peace in her soul. It leaves a cherished memory for Mom in that touching moment. It makes Mom stop for a minute and look at her child.

I thought about how a snuggle can trigger Mom's prayers for that child, praising God for that moment with her baby. Snuggles can be energetic and full of life. They can be calm and peaceful. Snuggling an ever growing child, will remind Mom of all the things she has prayed, hoped, and wished for that child to have in life. Things for that child like being healthy and happy but also being spared as much pain as possible and living in the light of unconditional love.

I thought about how silent moments with a child can make Mom wonder about that child's future. Will he be smart? Will he be athletic? Will he be a dreamer with big goals and ideas? Will he be grounded and work hard? Will he be kind to others and lend a helping hand when he sees someone in need? Will he have faith? Mom wonders if she (and Dad) are doing the best that they can to mold this little boy into a promising young man.

Most of all, I thought about the power of Mom. Mom has many talents and skills. Mom can make things right. Mom heals. Mom comforts. Mom soothes. Mom loves. Mom provides safety. Mom creates memories. Mom develops traditions. Mom prays. Mom hopes. Mom fears. Mom loses her temper but feels guilty. Mom laughs. Mom smiles. Mom always persists to do better. Mom always wants the best. Mom never stops.

In my thoughts last night, I felt like I had superpowers. Moms, you all do.