Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary to me!! Today marks two years since I joined the Shaklee team. In that time I've averaged a $200 a month pay, lost 13 pounds and met other fitness goals, eliminated allergy medication, and coached others to lose weight, try safe cleaning products and invest in their health. I've also improved my website and blogging skills. So, bonus! I know it's typically taboo to talk about how much money one earns or how much weight one person gains/loses, but my Shaklee business is built on honesty. Always has been, always will be. :) I'd like to thank my existing customers. I know many of you took a leap of faith when trying these products and I am so happy when I see you reorder. That means you see the value of the products and they are benefitting your life. If you are a customer, here is your one day only deal! If you purchase Vitalizer today you will receive FREE SHIPPING and a sample of Basic H! If you purchase a Get Clean Starter Kit you will receive a FREE Scour Off and FREE SHIPPING! Deals just for you, just for today.

To those who have looked and thought about trying it, I thank you too. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have questions. I love to help. If you decide to try it, GREAT! If you decide Shaklee's not for you, that's ok too. Just giving me the chance to answer you questions means so much to me!

Today I am running special offers for new and existing customers in honor of my anniversary. New customers, check out your deals below!! Today's the day to join! As always, thank you for looking. Thank you for buying. Thank you for taking a leap of faith. The deals below are exclusive to orders off of my website and are valid for purchases made on 5/5/2014 only.

Get Clean Anniversary_edited-1

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Vitalizer Anniversary

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