Living in Awe

When do we grow up and stop living in awe and amazement? Is it when we start school? When we go to college? When we get a real job? When do we start waking up crabby? When do we let a bad moment automatically let it be a bad day? When do we stop being amazed at the simple things in life? Every morning I am impressed with my son's outlook on the day. He wakes up with a smile on his face. Every single day. Even when he wakes up too early and I know he might have a rougher day, he still wakes up smiling. Even when he's had a rough night, maybe has woken up a few times, he still wakes up smiling. Even though there have been things to throw him off course, he doesn't let those moments consume him. He just keeps smiling. Sure, the days where he wakes up too early or had trouble sleeping at night might mean that smile comes off his face sooner, but he always starts with the best foot forward. He gives the day his best and takes each moment as it comes.

My son also is quite animated when we go to stores. Every store we visit is like a new world to him. He sits in the cart, noticing new things around him, loudly saying, "WOW". People turn to look at him. Most of them are amused he is so entertaining. He genuinely sounds so amazed with every aisle we turn down. Some of it might be for show, but it still makes me wonder how long he will go with being so in love with every new adventure we take.

I was reminded of this childlike amazement when my friend posted a picture of her daughter on Facebook the other day. The caption read: My daughter lives inside a Disney movie. Saw the tree was raining petals & sing-songs "look mama it's so wonderful! What a beautiful day!" & starts to dance. lena

Now, I know we adults have real responsibilities. Life isn't a Disney movie. Life is full of struggles, pressures, anxieties, and more. We feel we are forced to live a fast paced life. We wake up and rush to get our kids out the door and ourselves to work. We have second "vacation" homes that are never used for vacationing. We live in such a routine that we no longer notice a new store or a flowering tree. The expression, "Stop to smell the roses," is never applied. We tune out our children's pleas to "Look at me!" because we are too glued to our devices. We let our morning be terrible because of a meeting we have in the afternoon.

Somewhere along the line we stop living in awe.

We start letting daily stressors rule over the day instead of waking up with a smile on our face.

What if?

What if we slowed down? What if we unplugged for a few minutes? What if we took a walk? What if we sat down and had dinner as a family? What if we greeted each other each morning with a smile, even if you have to fake it? What if we spent some time outside? What if we let the house get messy and we got down on the floor and played with our kids? What if we gave our spouse a little lovin' even if we are "sooo tired" from the day? (You know what I mean...) What if we looked around and started taking notice of the things in our lives with some awe again?