Have a FUN and HEALTHY Summer!

So I've been thinking...how can I help people have a FUN summer? How can I spread my energy to those who need a little pick me up? How can I help others (and maybe gain a little wisdom myself along the way) on how to make healthy food options available to your family without a lot of work? How can I encourage people to MOVE? Not run a half marathon, but just get outside and MOVE! It is with pure excitement to roll out to you a **NEW** 90 Day Challenge for the summer!! My video got a bit long (5 minute warning) but you can watch it here or I will embed it below. Here are the challenge details!!

Summer Special

I'd recommend signing up with the Lean and Healthy kit but you can also purchase a Turnaround kit or the Smoothee kit for the three months. That's the only thing you have to purchase. The rest of the support you receive is completely FREE! The Lean and Healthy kit a GREAT way to start your day plus it teaches you how to make responsible food choices the rest of the day. The key to being "lean and healthy" is learning how to eat real food and make smart choices. My daily videos will share with you what I am choosing for healthy options! Our Facebook group will support each other and share ideas. Being a Shaklee member gets you access to work out ideas, recipe ideas, and you can enter to win contests! Another great Shaklee bonus the "three for free" deal. Refer three friends and get your kit for FREE!

I am doing this because... I don't want to have a summer filled with unhealthy choices. I want to share my learnings about real life health and wellness with you. I think many of us struggle with family dinner ideas. Wellness is filled with extreme perspectives and I don't think living healthy should be that complicated.

So what do you say?? Do you want in on this 90 Days of Awesome? Do you want to have a healthy summer without giving up any of the fun?? Join me in June! I can't wait!

Visit http://fixen.myshaklee.com and order any of the Shaklee 180 kits in June to get started. You will receive an email confirmation from me if you are one of the first ten to receive the summer special. You will also be invited to join our private and exclusive Facebook group where I will be sharing my daily videos and inspiration! Offer is valid only through orders placed at http://fixen.myshaklee.com. Free shipping or free distributor upgrade will be around a $50 value and will be reimbursed at the end of the program in the form of a check. Offer is valid for new or existing members.