Poop in the Tub

Oh boy... Yep, that title is blunt. My son is 20 months old so we have dabbled in potty training. We aren't set on anything but he's gone on the potty, asks to go sometimes, and can make himself go if needed. I'm not quite sure if he's ready or if I am ready for that matter.

Tonight we had Kiddie Club in our community where we take our littles to the park to play and have a picnic dinner. It was only week two of it but it has been so enjoyable. I made the mistake of bragging about how me and my lovely boy have had a great past couple of weeks. I had thought it to myself several times but now I said it out loud. Bad move, momma. Bad move. As tempting as it is to tell your friends how wonderful things are going with your child, as soon as you say it out loud, your child hears you. Even if they are playing on a swing set 50 feet away. They hear you and they immediately devise a plan to try and take you down. Stinkers...

We had a blast with our friends tonight. Nights like this require a bath which my son also enjoys. Due to the amount of juice my child consumes at Kiddie Club, I had him sit on the potty before entering the tub. The child peed like a champ. I was beaming. Another dumb move, mommma. Don't beam too quickly. Sheesh.

As my son played in the tub, I decided to multitask and clean the bathroom. Seriously, was I asking for trouble? Bragging, beaming and now multitasking? Give it up, lady... Just as I was wiping up the sink, I heard that little grunt. I saw that little body squatted. I heard him say, "Poop". Insert Darth Vader, "Nooooooo!". Click here if you need to know what I mean. I scooped him up in hopes I would get him on the potty before damage was done. It was too late. Crap. Literally.

I hadn't even washed him yet so I had to stand him on the floor while I drained the water and got the toys out. I needed to clean the tub so he could get back in to be cleaned! While he stood there, he peed on the floor. Then I moved him to a towel, where he peed again. C'mon son! Give me break!

Finally, we are back in the tub again and I immediately start washing him down to get this task completed. I drained the water but he likes to play in the soapy residue so I let him do that for a bit while I answered my phone to hear my husband say he was on his way home. As I was telling him that I just cleaned up the poopy tub and peed on floor, my special son, my first born, my little love, laid a big fat deuce in the tub AGAIN! What. The. Hell!! I yelled into the phone, "He's doing it again!!" and hung up.

Once my boy was out of harm's way (and properly diapered) I quickly snapped this. poop

Yes. I took a picture of poop in the tub because I wanted to gross my husband out. He not only missed one poopy tub tonight but TWO. I never take pictures like that but when it happens a second time, hey, that's fair game.

At least you got the edited version... :)

Here is a clip on how I clean the tub when it's just pee. Tonight was a different story...