A Year Ago...

A year ago today, I was at a final happy hour with my co-workers to celebrate my last day of work. I was about to embark on an adventure of being a stay at home mom to my little boy. I had no idea what to expect but I was excited to start a new chapter in my life. I had been with the same company for nine years (and one week to be exact). I started there as a part time representative while I finished my senior year of college. After I graduated from college, I ended up staying. I was promoted three times, went through several acquisitions, traveled, assisted other departments such as HR and even worked in the marketing department for my last five months there. I couldn't have been more blessed to have received such a well rounded professional experience.

I was there for almost my entire 20s. To essentially grow up around the same people for ten years was a blessing in disguise. Those were the people there for me when I got married. Those were the people there for me when my mom died. Those were the people there for me when our son was born. It was more than a professional world. It was a personal one. People became more than co-workers and truly became friends.

I had a baby at home who was growing up before my eyes. My husband and I had always talked about me staying home once we had a family. When it came down to it, we panicked and I went back to work. Well, let's be honest, maternity leave almost killed me and I was ready to go back to the structure of work. We were blessed with an amazing daycare for our son. They all loved our smiley little guy. We knew it. I was never worried about him in their care. But something felt off. I was meant to be home with my little chubby baby.

I think back to a year ago and my son wasn't even crawling yet. Now he's running and one day I won't be able to catch him. He only had a couple of teeth. Now he only has one left to pop through before his two year molars. He drooled like a St. Bernard last year. Oh, wait he still does that. He wasn't napping well at that time. It was hard for us to get into a routine. Now he takes a wonderful afternoon nap and is easier to plan around. He wasn't talking a year ago. Now he has quite the vocabulary for not even being two yet. He has changed so much in the past year and when I stop to think about all of the milestones that I have been a part of, I can't be anything but grateful.

He's not the only one who has changed. I've gone through eye opening moments that have led me closer to who I was meant to be this past year. While, I thrived at my corporate job and I believe I was good at it, I also realized I have talents and passions that extend far beyond building walls. I have been given this opportunity to make a difference. Sometimes I don't know what that is yet, but I know I am here to help people be better. I want to help people be happier. I want to help people have more energy and live a healthier lifestyle. I want to encourage people to strive for something bigger. I want people to be better. Some way. Some how. We are going to make each other better. Shaklee plays a part in that. I don't know to what magnitude yet but I know it's going to be awesome.

At my corporate job, I was always told I was a good people manager and coach. I wasn't perfect but I was good at it. I always challenged people to do a little bit better than they did the day before. In order to be successful, I couldn't just ask people to be better or tell them to try. I made sure I gave them the tools to get to that goal. Sometimes I got on the phone next to them and pushed them. I always feel the most respected managers are the ones who get down and dirty with the people doing the job. You can't ask people to do something if you can't do it yourself.

be better.jpg

So that's what I am doing today, one year later. I am pushing myself to be a better mom than the day before. I am pushing my son to learn something new, play nice with others, and be a good kid. I am asking people to join me with Shaklee and take a chance on improving their health. I am still that person I was a year ago but now with the option to take my son along for the ride. :)