When Will I Learn?!

When will I learn to tame my excitement a bit so I can communicate more clearly? Jeepers. I really need to work on that. :) Here is an updated version of my "90 Day Challenge".

There are now three easy ways to join the 90 Days to Be Better Facebook group and I will outline what you get with each purchase.

1. Purchase the Vitalizer for 90 days. If you are a new member, you will receive a FREE lifetime membership and in June only, also a FREE Stress Relief Complex!

2. Purchase a combination of your favorite Shaklee 180 energizing smoothee flavors for 90 days. If become a new member and you order four canisters, you get a FREE lifetime membership and a FREE Stress Relief Complex.

3. Order the Shaklee 180 Lean & Healthy Kit. Your best value! You get two canisters of the 180 shakes plus the Vitalizer. You get a free lifetime membership AND the FREE Stress Relief Complex. PLUS if you are in the first 10 people to sign up for this option and you purchase a kit for 90 days, I will reimburse you for your shipping costs up to $50!

You can watch my video below and hopefully that helps clear it up a bit or click here.

June Shaklee Specials