Can You Answer YES?

Do me a solid, would ya? (Isn't that from some kid show? Do me a "solid"?) Favor. It means favor! :) Read the below questions and if you can answer YES to any of them, I have a favor to ask you. Here we go.

**Do you struggle to keep your kids healthy every school year?

**Do you want more energy so you can play with your kids, clean your house, and still have energy for your spouse?

**Do you want to lose 5-10lbs so your favorite clothes aren't so tight?

**Do you want to kick seasonal allergies in the butt?

**Do you want to lower your blood pressure or cholesterol so you can get off of medication??

**Do you want your kids to be safe around your cleaning products?

**Do you want to earn a couple hundred bucks every month??

Ok, did you answer YES to any of them? If so, I need to talk to you and this was the only way I thought we could get the ball rolling. I want to tell you about Shaklee. I want to share ALL of the goodness this amazing company has to offer. It's changing lives. I watch videos and read testimonials daily. Almost every story brings me to tears. It can change your life too. If you answered yes, email me. Let's just talk. There's never any pressure. I'm just a goon and a half, remember? It's just me wanting to help you. Email me at if you answered YES!