You Rock My Face Off...

Whenever I get REALLY excited about something, I use the expression, "You Rock My Face Off". I just love it. It was coined back in my college days during our Communications Law class. That class was Thursday nights. Thirsty Thursday nights that is... Ah, to reminisce. Anyway, that's not why my face is currently being rocked off. Nope. It's all the amazing stuff I have going on with my YouTube Channel, Shaklee, and even helping out with Lifestyle Design Camp. Not to mention the facelift my website got, by yours truly, and it all WORKED. Can I get an Amen!?

So let's break it down a bit...

YouTubeYouTube. Wow. I started dabbling in YouTube last year but was advised to try it a little more starting in March of this year. I am so surprised at the sheer amount of people who are tuning in and I love when people come up to me (especially if my husband is with) and tell me how funny I am. Mostly, when he is with because then when we get home, I do a little jig and remind him of just how hilarious I am. I love the eye roll I get out of him. Hehe. So if you haven't checked out YouTube yet, go take a look. It gets even goofier over there but also makes you think!

be betterShaklee. At the end of May, I rolled out a new and improved 90 Days to Be Better Facebook Challenge group. The group was designed to be a support group for people who are attempting to live healthier lives. You must purchase Shaklee in order to be included in the group. Vitalizer, Shaklee 180 Smoothees, or a Shaklee 180 kit all gained you entry in the group. There was no hard date to join, it just had to be sometime in June. To date, we have 15 members! We have seven spots left for FREE SHIPPING reimbursements. Hop over to my testimonials page to hear what people are saying about the current group and what 2013 members said too! We are getting healthier and we are doing it together. Plus, if you are in the group, you get daily exclusive videos from me. I take that YouTube love and turn it into a conversation with my Shaklee members. It is so awesome!

she designedLifestyle Design Camp. Jina, from The Happy Healthy Truth and Katie, from The Small Change Project want to bring their successful Lifestyle Design Camp to FARGO! Attention ladies of the area! We have a great opportunity to take advantage of this camp. It was created to help women get out of a rut and create an action plan to live a life they love! I'm so jazzed that they asked me to help them get this camp to Fargo so if you want to be one of the first ones to know when registration opens, contact me! Space is extremely limited so get on the list before registration opens to the public!

So much goodness going on. So much to share with others. If you are interested in hearing more about 90 Days to Be Better or Lifestyle Design Camp--contact me! I'd love to just tell you more about it. Maybe you'll even get a response via a private YouTube clip.... Hehe. Have a great day!