Stop Buggin' Me!

Ah, summer. We long for it. We crave it. Yet, when it arrives in the Midwest it's filled with little biting bugs that drive us back into our homes on lovely evenings. Since I have been finding ways to cut toxins out of our home, this year the bug spray was getting a makeover. Did you know... Your skin is your largest organ and it can absorb topical products between 50%-100% of what is applied?? Now imagine how that effects everyone but mostly a little kid. That's a lot of chemical seeping into a little body that is trying to thrive and grow. I wanted to find a better option for us. Even though I'm not very talented when it comes to making my own products, I thought there was no way I'd mess this one up. Whew. I didn't so that just tells you that anyone can truly make this at home.

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I put together a 'how-to' video to show you just how easy it is to make your own bug spray. I even included my pre-video that reveals just what a kitchen dummy I am (that's all the way at the bottom)! The recipe for homemade bug spray and my after bite solution are non-toxic, natural, and biodegradable. You don't have to feel bad about applying these solutions to your skin or the skin of your littles. They are effective! I have found you have to apply the spray more frequently, but it's a refreshing mist and my little boy loves being sprayed. Plus, that day I sprayed it right into his mouth, yeah, I didn't worry about it and he just went on his merry way.

I apply the bug spray before we go outside and I reapply when I feel the bugs are after us again. Mosquitos LOVE me. I'm apparently delicious. So I know if they are attacking me again, that it's time to reapply. When using this bug spray you will smell quite lemony. However, I figure if you use any bug spray, you smell like something so it might as well be this! In that rare case that I miss a spot, I turn to Shaklee to provide such a quick solution for an after bite remedy. Basic H seriously does it all and yes that means take the itch out of bug bites too! Plus, if you bought some just to apply to the occasional bug bite? Well, you'll be buried with that bottle because it will last you for a lifetime!

Here is the video!

Thanks for tuning in! I hope you found this helpful. Here are the links for the following items! Glass Spray Bottle Bug Spray Recipe Essential Oils Basic H


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