Keep Dancing, Little One

My son has recently found a love for singing and dancing. Any snippet of music he hears, that little head starts bobbing and he starts slowly spinning in a circle. The neighbors have a microphone on a stand and I've found him in their basement "Ooooh-ing" away with that same little head bob. Of course, I think it's adorable and head bob or "Ooooh" right along with him. It also secretly breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to know one day he might not think it's ok to sing and dance in front of people anymore. That one day, his feelings will be hurt and he will lock away that enjoyment. He might get teased and never again take that chance. He might hear someone else say that it's not cool to dance so he will stop even though secretly he enjoys it. He might be under the impression that boys can't sing and dance. He might get told that he looks silly or that he's a bad dancer. There might come a time that the only way to get him out on the dance floor is after he's had a few cocktails.

Right now, I am going to encourage my little one to do whatever makes his heart happy. To dance. To sing. To find joy in the simple things. I will pray that we can build a confidence in him that makes him proud to stand tall for the things that he enjoys in life. I will reprimand him if I ever hear of him making fun of others. (He can just ask his Uncle Rob what happens if I catch him making fun of someone). I will teach him to be a leader, to set an example. I will hope that he encourages others to be the best versions of themselves. I will be there to secretly have a dance party in our basement because even his dad can't resist a good at home dance party...

My worst case scenario? My worst case scenario is that I'll patiently wait on the sideline until he HAS to dance with me on his wedding day. For right now, knowing that scenario is in a distant future, I will continue to boost his confidence and enjoy the pride on his face when he hears that music.

So until that possible moment, Little One, keep dancing.