Not Always Lovey Dovey...

Most of the time when my son wakes up in the middle of the night or has trouble falling asleep, I take advantage of the time and cuddle him up. Most of the time. There are nights that thoughts of the book, Go the F**k to Sleep, enter my brain. Maybe I wouldn’t mind the middle of the night wake up calls if I wasn’t so busy staying up late watching Jimmy Fallon. I swear that man gets more good looking every night. Humor clearly equals hotness in my book. Anyway... The other night was one of the non-lovey dovey nights. He awoke at 3am, crying with the usual, "Mooomyyyyy. Moooomyyyyy" chant. Sometimes I just let him cry but I always fear that he got sick or something and wouldn't want him falling back asleep in a mess so I have to at least check on him. This time he was standing up, blankie in hand, arms at the ready to be lifted out and snuggled. Ok. Fine. You win this one. So we get settled in our rocker and those little blue eyes look up at me and say, "Where's Daddy?"

Photo Jul 09, 7 16 44 AM

Excuse me, little one? Daddy’s sleeping. You called for me. Let’s get on with this. So we rocked. He curled up. His eyelids drooped and opened. Here's the deal. We can rock and he can fall asleep on me but he's enormous. By the time I hoist him over the crib rail to lay down, he's awake and crying again. This particular evening, I didn't feel like rocking all night just to have him wake up. We rocked for about 10 minutes, he still wasn't asleep, and despite how cuddly he was, it was just time to lay back down. Down he went and before he hit the mattress, he was crying again but this time it was "Mommy bed." Oh no. Not tonight sweetheart.

A few times and mostly when he's been sick, I've turned down the sheets in our spare room and we've shared the bed. It's happened a handful of times. I don't have anything against bed sharing but it is not for me. I don't even like sharing the bed with my husband most times. I like my space and when mommy is well rested, everyone is happier. It's just a good thing for everyone involved.

After I had to break his heart that snuggle time was over and walked out, I still went in and prepped the spare bedroom. I quietly went back into our bedroom to grab my pillow. My dear husband, now awake, says, "What's the matter?" Nothing, honey. I got this. Just go back to sleep. I went back to the spare room and decided I'd give my little one 10 minutes before caving and letting him sleep with me. While he was crying, he sneezed, then he said "Bwess You" to himself and my heart freaking melted. Seriously, that could not get any sweeter.

However, I refrained from going in his room. He started calming down. I could hear him yawning through his whimpers. Sleep was in our future again soon and there's always coffee in the morning.