What Does Missing School Cost You?

Nothing breaks a parent's heart more than a sick child. You feel helpless. Sleepless night occur. Exhaustion builds. Nothing frustrates a parent more than having to rearrange a schedule due to illness. Being sick costs you trips to the doctor, various sick supplies, missed time at work, missed classes for your kid and missed activities that you are probably paying for anyway. Sound familiar? It has happened to all of us. I would LOVE to see some people take a chance this year and change the way their kids enter the school year. Start boosting your children's immune systems now, before school starts, and keep them on the routine to give them a chance to stay ahead of the game. The key is to start early and stay consistent. Yes, you've just shelled out hundreds of dollars for back to school supplies and clothes. But fast forward a few months when you get those dreaded calls to pick up your sick child. Won't you wish you would have invested in their health too?

What are some Shaklee wellness recommendations?

Shaklee's Incredivites: These vitamins have no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives. Two tablets a day is recommended for children between the ages of 4-12. My son started taking one of these a day as soon as he had enough teeth to chew up a broken down tablet, so around one year old. He will continue to take one a day until he's 4 and is able to take two a day. There are 120 in a bottle so this lasts us FOUR months and costs about $6 a month! Depending on the age and how many children you have this could last you for awhile too! The key is consistency! My son takes this every day. Last winter we ran out for a week or two and were around people with colds. Sure enough, he started coming down with something during that gap. We haven't missed a beat since!

Vita Lea (13+ or for those lucky to swallow!): We talk about Vitalizer for adults often but did you know that our base multivitamin can be purchased separately? This is great for kids and families to be more cost effective with their Shaklee decision. What makes Vita Lea special? Vita Lea is scientifically proven to break down in your system so the maximum nutrients get absorbed. Watch more here. 

Shaklee's Mighty Smarts: This chew gives kids an extra boost of DHA to help promote brain health in memory and concentration along with Omega 3s for healthy vision. My son isn't quite 2 yet so we have not started taking these because I wasn't sure he could chew them. However, since he can handle a fruit snack, there is no reason for me not to start him on this as well! When we are pregnant mommies, we are instructed to take an addition DHA supplement to help boost our brain health and give nutrients to our unborn baby. But why stop? Little brains continue to develop, and quite rapidly, over the next years. This orange flavored chew is a great way to give our kids the brain boosting power they need to concentrate in school! Older kids? Try the Omega Guard

Shaklee's Chewable Vitamin C: Why do we need this? Because even those on the best diets and supplement routines will come down with a cold. I always keep extra vitamin C on hand when I feel that tickle in my throat to help beat the sickness early. My colds have been rare and shortened dramatically since having this in my cupboard. This is a great thing to have in your medicine cabinet before having to turn to medicine! Plus, in this chewable form, it's good for all ages with teeth!

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