Mr. Mischief

I often hear that Harvey looks a little mischievous in his photos. Well, folks, you are right. He's not only becoming more mischievous but there are times when his little two year old tactics have plain wore me out and I just give in. But there are moments, bold moments, where my mom muscle is not going to let him win. Yesterday's nap time was a perfect scenario. Let's talk about this big boy bed that someone just HAD to have. While I was blogging to you all yesterday, and if you read all the way to the bottom, you might have noticed that my little man thought we were playing a midday game with naptime. Let me just tell you this my dear son, naptime is no joke. It's more precious than gold, ok? However, yesterday there came a point where I had to simply start writing down all of the shenanigans my little man started playing to get out of or at least severely delay his nap time. Ready? Here we go. They all start with me hearing the doorknob turn or the door rattle or some sort of noise that indicates a youngling is not in their sleeping quarters. Here is a breakdown of the results.

1. He's laying by the door, blankie around him, thumb in his mouth. Hindsight, I should have left him like that, but I was going to be persistent. Back into that bed he was going.

2. He was just standing by the door. Back into bed.

3. He was starting to climb into his rocking chair. Back into bed.

4. He was HIDING behind the rocking chair, giggling. Now we are getting funny...

5. I see little fingers from underneath the door. Back into bed.

6. Books are being tossed around with a threat from me that all books and animals will be removed from his bed permanently if he didn't lay down. I go all in, people. #hardcoremom Back into bed.

7. Now he's looking for "Bonky's 'Fia Book" the new book that the neighbor girl just got. Back into bed.

8. "I need to go potty!" What?!?! You're not potty trained! But fine, I'll give you props for being a smart little stinker, so let's go dribble out a little pee and get back into bed.

9. Hard core mom is back with a message, "Next time I come here, a toy is coming out with me and you're not getting it back". Back into bed.

10. I can hear books and talking but no door rattling so I just let him stay in there. It finally quiets down after a good two hours of this dance. Of course, I find him like this.


The best part was how I made Harvey report about his naptime to his father when he got home from work. I don't know what was a more pathetic show, Harvey sheepishly denying it or Turner hiding his laughter! Boys!