Dear Sunday Morning...

Dear Sunday morning,

She prays that you are peaceful.
She prays that her family finds rest.
But Sunday, do you know how hard you are?
You truly are a test.

A test of a mother's faith in God.
A test that she will be strong.
When no one else wants to leave their beds.
Will she cave and join along?

She knows she needs to go.
She's been longing for your Word.
But just getting out the door sometimes
Seems utterly absurd

She tries to bribe the toddler
The baby just wants to fuss
She feels like giving up
Is attending really a must?

Her family goes filing in
All sitting in a row
The kids behave for about a minute
And everyone wants to go

She's trying to teach them to sit still
To listen and to pray
She's longing for a glimpse of hope
Something peaceful coming her way

But as soon as that hour expires
She leaves exhausted and worn out
The spiritual recharge she was hoping for
Doesn't seem to come about

Yes, Sunday Morning you teach her
That her faith is so much more
Much more than kids who just sit still
There's much more for her to adore

Did she hear her toddler say that he needed to listen to God?
Did she see the peace in her baby's eyes when that sleepy head took a nod?

Sunday Morning, she doesn't know yet
That even though she feels defeated
She really is being rewarded
The prize she gets when greeted

Greeted by those tiny moments
Those little specks of pride
When those little kids display the love
They have for her inside

So Sunday, please be remind us
To always do our very best
To take those kids with every week
o matter how hard the test