My Indoor Fall Decor

If you follow me on Facebook, (follow here!), you will have seen some recent posts about how I opened the tote labeled "fall decorations" only to find that it was pretty much empty!! I don't have a ton of space to decorate but I wanted to make sure my mantle enjoyed the upcoming holidays. So during naptime one day, I sat down on Pinterest and actually pinned mantle ideas that I enjoyed. I narrowed it down to a few but soon realized one of the styles I had already pinned two years ago! I took that as a sign to try and recreate that image. I wasn't that close but I love that I came up with! Here is a picture of my mantle before I took everything down to decorate. Nothing too extravagant. It took me forever to piece this together. When we moved all of our frames were black and I felt it was time to update and reduce so I picked a few frames out and painted them white. Pictures include Harvey, us, and our niece. The wedding picture I COULD turn into a family picture, but that was honestly the only photo I liked from our wedding so I am determined to keep it up forever. The DVD and toy cars are just a bonus since the mantle is still out of reach for a certain someone... mantle

And here is what it looks like now!

Drumroll please... al

all angle

Close up shot of the burlap bunting that I made. Letters were cut out using the Cricut and made into stickers with permanent adhesive. Then I sewed, yes I friggen sewed, the burlap and rope together by attaching them to vintage buttons. At first I was really irritated with the process, but then I remembered reading this post yesterday and I decided to appreciate my work. bunting

I painted 'thanks' on these beauties that we got locally. pumpkins

This vase I pieced together while navigating the craft store with two toddlers in tow. I got all the pieces on sale and we didn't break anything so I was pretty proud of that! My vision was to fill it with dried corn. Our local CSA had ornamental corn so I layered it with the fun, colorful stuff! Again, enjoying the fruit of my labor in taking all that corn off the cob. corn vase

As we were pumpkin picking yesterday, I noticed some of them didn't have stems on them anymore and were just laying on the ground. I snatched them up and decided to stack them on this side to create some height. Then hubby said we needed one more with a stem so luckily my mother-in-law had some to spare! stack

Added some burlap wire ribbon underneath and around everything, some fake fall leaves, and I feel like it came together nicely! There won't be much to pack away this year since I used real items so the hunt will be on again in 2015 for another design! al

Fall and Christmas are my favorite seasons to decorate. (Fall--NOT Halloween!) What is your favorite season to decorate?