Why Should I Become a Member?

I have been meaning to put this post together for sometime now so here we go! I will add to it as needed. Please read through in case some of the same questions have crossed your mind when deciding if a Shaklee customer membership is right for you!

What does it mean to become a Shaklee member? Becoming a member means that you always get the discounted price on your future orders! You will see two prices next to all of our products. One is retail and one is member. Members always pay the cheaper price.

What does that PV mean? PV means Point Value. That doesn't mean anything to members, only distributors. It's how commissions are calculated.

Do I have to order a minimum each month to be a member? NO! Once you become a member, you are a member for life and NEVER have to purchase a monthly minimum. You never have to renew your membership. Order when you need it at the discounted, member price!

How much is a membership? Membership costs a one time fee of $19.95. Depending on what you order, you can have that paid for in no time! Again, you never have to renew. You never have to meet a monthly minimum. That membership is good for LIFE!

I thought I could get a FREE membership? You can! Shaklee created some wonderful opportunities for people to try a variety of products and get that membership fee waived. If you join with a free membership, it is still good for life. You never have to meet a minimum. Click here to see all the ways your membership could be free!

If I am a member does that mean I am selling it? No. Members are members who purchase the products at the discounted price for their personal use. There is no obligation to sell at the member level.

If I start as a member, can I ever be a distributor to earn rewards? Yes! You can upgrade your Shaklee status from member to distributor at any time. Please work with the person who sponsored you to get you set up with the upgrade that is right for you! Click here to read about joining as a distributor.