My Three Reasons

As my business grows and I am continually blessed to help others, I have taken some time to reflect on my core reasons for loving this opportunity. When I really stop to think about it, it's pretty powerful. It fulfills a part of me that no other job could and gives me a benefit to my life that I couldn't get anywhere else. It came down to three main reasons...

Safety of Products Who likes to clean? Anyone? I didn't think so. No one LOVES to clean. We are constantly searching for that next product that helps make the chore easier. When I found Shaklee cleaning, I didn't have to search any longer. Plus, I'm still on my original bottle of Basic H so my search ended over TWO YEARS ago! Worth my investment.

Get Clean proved its safety when my son accidentally ingested some of the laundry detergent. It was beyond scary. I had the number for Poison Control in my phone, but hoped to never have to use it. I was able to talk to someone at Shaklee about my situation as well. I was so impressed that this company let me do that! A little vomit and a little cough but no need to even bring him to the emergency room. From that point on, I have became passionate about sharing the safety of these products with other families. I don't love cleaning. But I do love that I can clean and I know my family is safe.

The Get Clean Starter kit now gets you free membership. It wasn't always this way. It's an amazing value to take advantage of now. My sink before and after, Shaklee's money back and safety guarantee, my mischievous toddler, and Get Clean featured on Oprah.

My Personal Health Improvements

Oh Vitalizer. How do I love you? Let me count the ways...

1. You've helped reduce (almost completely eliminate) my seasonal allergies that I've had my entire life. No more OTC medications here! 2. You've given me a bitchin' immune system. Yes, I still get sick but NOTHING compared to what I used to every winter. #notlookingback 3. You're safe. Backed by Shaklee's tests and guarantees I know that I'm only getting pure ingredients. 4. You're worth every penny. I used to buy a multivitamin, take it a few days, let it expire, and then toss it because it was cheap. Not anymore. 5. You're paired up with some amazing kits. I loved you when you were available with the Lean and Healthy kit but now you are bringing health to others in the Healthy Foundations kit. I can't imagine starting my day with anything but Vitalizer and a Shaklee shake. 6. You cover my bases. I try to eat all my fruits and veggies but it's hard. I make mistakes. I like to have treats. I like to indulge every now and then. Vitalizer, you make sure I get the nutrients my body needs to function. 7. And then there's this doozie. Watch it here. My before and after pictures. I am healthier now in my 30s than I have been my whole life and I know it's because of Vitalizer and Shaklee 180.

The Business Opportunity

I get to stay home with my son. I know how blessed I am. Even the days he drives me crazy, I'm blessed. Me staying home was a choice we made that we felt was best for our family. But it's tough on me in more ways than one. One in particular is that as time went on I missed working. Yes, I missed working. Not the routine of work. Not the going to work. But the being part of something bigger. Being in charge. Being a leader. Caring for others. Making some money. Contributing to our home in a way outside of our home.

So in 2014 I dusted off my Shaklee business and made all sorts of commitments to it. I didn't just decide to do this business but I sat down with my husband and made goals. We put our dreams on paper. I designed what my team would look like. I created a community of people who want to support others to be healthier. With those commitments to a business comes pressure, comes questions, comes stress--just like a 'real' job. But at the end of the day I'm always reminded why I do this. Because I get to share my health story with others in hopes to help them too. I feel amazing and I want everyone to experience this because it's so possible to do so.

"We provide a healthier life for everyone and a better life for anyone."

Shaklee is so much more than a direct sales company. It's truly an opportunity to make dreams come true by gifting health to others. No matter what that dream is: part-time, full-time, or spare time. It can be done with the right commitment. From getting your product paid for, from earning $1,000 a month, to earning a full-time income--the only one standing in your way is yourself.

Being a part of the Shaklee team has truly changed my life. I've been given the chance to dream, build a team of wonderful people, and provide for my family in a special way.

If you're interested in how you can become a part of the Shaklee Effect, let's schedule a time to talk. Whether you join to use the products, share to earn rewards, or build a business, we can do this together.