November Unplugged

I will be the first to admit, 100%, that I am horribly addicted to my smart phone. I know I am. You don't need to give me that look. You don't need to sigh. I know that my phone is in my hands far too much. I know that with every *ding* I go running to see what that message might be (and I have most notifications turned off). I can even give you some rockin' justifications for my actions. Ready? Here we go. 1. I am home all day. Alone. With a Toddler. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are my only sources of socialization without leaving the house. How else am I going to know what's going on in the world?!

2. I run my business primarily off of Facebook so I need to be there if questions come in throughout the day. What if that last Facebook message was a new customer. I better go tend to that ASAP. I'm sure they are waiting by their phone for an immediate answer.

3. What's wrong with a little "me" time? I shouldn't have to feel bad for checking things because it's time that I am using for myself. I spend lots of time playing, reading, cleaning, cooking, and more. Who cares if I am on my phone? I deserved it!

Ok, mom. Just calm down a bit. Let's counter those justifications a bit. Yep, I'll play my own devil's advocate here. I'm tough. I can take it.

1. Yes, social media can be a good way to "keep in touch" with the outside world, but do you need to check it every 15 minutes? Nothing ground breaking is going to happen that fast. Nothing is going to happen that you can't miss. If it's news you really need to know, someone will text you or maybe even call. Let it go.

2. Yes, you do run your business through social media. You do a great job of using scheduling tools so you aren't sitting there posting every moment. You let the system do the work for you. But how about you set some office hours? How about you only check those messages during nap time? You might even find yourself more productive if you can only work on things at certain times.

3. And you're absolutely right, mom. There's nothing wrong with a little "me" time. But have you given your husband, your son, and your home the attention it needs before indulging in that time? And again, see number one. You just checked all social media accounts 15 minutes ago. Put the phone away. I'm sure there's something more productive you could do for your family.


Yeah, well truth hurts even when it's from yourself.

I'm guessing, like most other things, I'm not alone here. Whether you stay home, work from home, or work in an office. Whether you have kids or not. Whether you have a spouse or not. Chances are you have a slight smart phone/social media addiction.

So my next questions is: what are we going to do about it?

I've created a little iPad monster. He needs to unplug this month too!

This is your challenge this November. Don't participate in some "Days of Thankfulness" on social media. Instead, put your phone down and go tell someone you love that you love them. Go play toys with your kids even when they're driving you nuts. Go spend time watching that TV show that you don't like with your spouse. Go walk the dog. Go do a project that you've been putting off. Go clean something that you dread. Go be present in the lives of others. Give of yourself. Give your time. Give your attention.

And like everything I do with my team at Happy Medium Health, you don't have to give your smart phone up. You don't have to quit checking Facebook. But you have to start using it in moderation. You have to be aware of your actions. Let's spend this November more present in the lives of those close to us. Put your phone down more often. Create a new habit. Be thankful every day in person.

Will you join me?

PS--I still plan to post things on my social media accounts like always. I plan to blog as necessary. I plan to work my business to the max. But I am going to work on setting boundaries around my phone use. That's my plan!