You Reap What You Sow

Can I get an UFF DA?? What a day.

I know I'm not the only one. My afternoon Facebook break told me that. (Yes, I get 'breaks' because I'm trying this, remember?) Amid the proclamations of "I Voted!" were hidden messages from friends who were also feeling a little extra glum today. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe there's a full moon coming. Maybe we're surrounded by toddlers. Maybe it's just because. But after a round of status comments ended with this picture below, it was time to put away the caramel puffcorn and get serious about the afternoon. Ok so there was no more caramel puffcorn to put away...

As I was putting the tots down for their afternoon naps, praying they'd sleep for three hours (they didn't), I was thinking about my morning Facebook post. Every morning I try to jump start people's days with a little message that speaks to me, normally something cheery or positive. Not because I believe life is always wonderful and awesome, but because I think no matter what kind of crap we have going on in our own lives, it doesn't hurt to bring a little cheer to others.

Well, today's post was laughing at me.

tues pm

I had been a crabby, snippy momma today so what was I getting? A bawl-baby, hypersensitive, whiny child.

I truly believe the above is true.

What do you get when you are a nagging, unloving spouse? You get a defensive and unloving spouse in return.

What do you get when you're that friend who is constantly complaining? You get fewer invites to hang out.

What do you get when you're a dog who barks at everything? You get a shock collar.

What do you get when you're a cranky, negative employee? It depends but I know you don't get a promotion.

Think about it.

In fact, think about these two scenarios the most.

When your kid(s) are annoying the snot out of you (or wiping their snot on you) how do you react? Do you yell? Do you get demanding? Do you get short tempered? How do they react to that? I don't know about you but mine certainly doesn't turn into prince charming. He's sensitive so he cries. He's two so he stomps his feet and yells back. He's testing me so he thinks his behavior is funny and he keeps doing it. No one feels better from that.

When you aren't feeling loved by your significant other have you ever asked yourself "Am I lovable right now"? Put your irritation aside and ask yourself that. Chances are you're being a pill yourself, you're blowing something out of proportion, or you're not willing to compromise. So if you don't feel loved by your spouse, maybe you need to try loving them a little more. Please tell me that's not just me...

Just think if we harnessed our own emotions a bit what a difference it could make in our families.

What are some things you do to bring joy to your family? What do you reap and sow?