#ProjectYou Recap

Last week, I had the opportunity to speak in front of eight amazing women, nine if you include my partner in crime. #ProjectYou was designed by Hannah Sorensen and myself to give our community the chance to learn simple ways they could better their personal health and their financial wellness. Let me count the ways in which this event was totally amazing. 1. We were able to host it for free. That's right. It didn't cost anyone a cent to come and listen. 2. We were able to give back to the community. We asked participants to bring donations for the Ronald McDonald House and we will be delivering those baskets this week. We called this part #ProjectOthers. Lunch totes and travel toiletries! 3. It was in a coffee shop. I can drink coffee at all hours so I was in heaven. This coffee shop even serves food and alcohol. It can't get any better than that. Everyone was able to have a little treat. 4. It was downtown Fargo. I know people have mixed feelings about downtown but I love it. I've always wanted to work downtown so this was in a sense fulfilling that little dream of mine. 5. I got to test out public speaking on material that I created myself. From scratch. That's friggen hard to do but I felt it went well. Instead of notes, I drew pictures. I thought that was clever. Hehe. Photo Dec 02, 6 52 09 PM 6. I learned from my partner in crime. Financial wellness is not my strong suit and this amazing lady can break it down so you can actually understand. Ladies, if you know what I am talking about, contact her. She might make those dreaded financial appointments a little bit better for you. She wants you to feel a part of your financial future. Not just let your husband do all the work and you smile, nod, and sign some papers. Photo Dec 02, 6 52 48 PM 7. We wanted you to be social. We titled the event with a hashtag so of course we wanted your phones out. #butfirstletmetakeaselfie 8. I was able to wear my dress from the Dress for Success charity event that I did in October. 9. I didn't talk about Shaklee. Yes, that's right. This event had NOTHING to do with it. So if that held you back from attending I'd like to see your pretty face at the next event. 10. That's right. We are going to do it again! This one will be limited to ten people so as soon as we set a date, please register! It will be free. We will be helping a charity. We will be presenting the same great stuff. I'll probably wear that dress again... :)

And most of all, this event was about the people there. We wanted them to think about themselves. This wasn't about their spouse, their children, their parents. It was about how they could make simple changes for themselves. I mean it was called #ProjectYou...

I hope to see you at the next one!