Time for Remembrance

Today I have read two different blog posts that have made this post come to life. Please check out Val's post "A Christmas Letter from a Bereaved Believer" and Kristen's post "3 Meaningful Ways to Honor Your Lost Loved Ones." And with that I'd like to tell you a few things that make me think of my mom. It is something I'd like to slowly do over time. Writing things down not only helps me feel like emotions have been voiced but then if there are tears attached I don't have to be embarrassed about anyone seeing me. Sometimes it's a good thing to hide behind a computer. For me anyway. I feel it's time to bring some of my memories back to life, no matter how silly they might seem.

1. I wear one of her rings on my right hand. It always makes its way into pictures: when Harvey was born, at my brother's wedding, around holidays, birthdays. I have always noticed this but this morning I woke up to a message from one of my cousins saying that she has noticed it too.

2. My Willow Tree Nativity scene wasn't suppose to be completed. My mom was slowly building this Nativity for me every Christmas. She passed away before the final pieces were purchased but some of my aunts went in together and bought me the last piece I needed. It is now one of my most cherished holiday pieces and will always take front and center on our mantle.

3. We cough the same. Yes, when I cough, I hear my mom. Weird? Yes. :)

What about you? How can I help you honor your loved one this holiday season? Please feel free to share a memory.

Blessings to you, Tracy