The Blog with Botox

Here I am. Giving my blog yet another facelift. When I imported all of the blog posts dating back to 2012, I had to chuckle. I have come a LONG way, baby. Yikes, some of those first posts are just nuts. (No, don't go back and read them! None of the pictures came with anyway. It will be a boring trip!) But I have all of you to thank. Really, I do. All of you who have stuck through my name changes, my design changes, my vision changes. You are the ones who rock. As we approach 2015, I am happy to report the following...

Haha. I love the random pictures on the home screen. I hope they make you giggle. 

Haha. I love the random pictures on the home screen. I hope they make you giggle. 

1. TracyFixen.Com is here to stay. So while it may get some botox or a facelift every now and then, the name isn't going anywhere. Unless I have a Shiloh Jolie-Pitt moment and want to be called John...

2. What started as "A Dose of Momedy" has now transformed into "Healthy Humor". This helps me continue to be my comical self, blogging about whatever, but I can bounce back and forth between my other love at Finally. Some harmony. 

3. I'm super impressed with myself that I have been able to figure out how to move my blog from blogger, to wordpress, to squarespace. That includes transferring a domain. I've had plenty of "oh shit" moments and a call to GoDaddy, but other than that, yes, I'm impressed. However, I'd rather not think of all the time that went into these changes because my monetary value would most definitely be in the red.

4. I reserve the right to change my mind yet again. That's the beauty of what I am doing. While I feel pretty content with where I am at over at TracyFixen.Com, I do look forward to beefing things up. 2015 is the year for content! Both here and So clean your reading glasses because it's coming!

5. I'd love for you to subscribe. If you subscribed over at my old site, it has transferred over. I don't send an email for every post. I don't send an email weekly. Let's be honest, I'm lucky if I remember to send my monthly recap, but a monthly recap in case you missed something is my goal! So here's the linkity link for you to pop in your info. 

Again, THANK YOU for being rockstar readers and I hope to bring you some awesome content on this beautiful new site in 2015!